Winfield 4H Gait Riders have busy year

2013 was a busy year for the Winfield 4H Gait Riders.


Club Reporter

2013 was a busy year for the Winfield 4H Gait Riders.

We had our first general meeting -on Sept 23. We have 13 members in –the club this year with eight returning members and five new members.

We held elections at our second meeting which was held Oct 1. Results of the meeting was president: Jenna Smawley, vice President, Megan Tanasiuk, Secretary, Geneva Rodin and treasurer, Meghann Smawley.

Our General Leader is Connie Kluczny with Co-Leaders Lidia Stamp and Donna Glenn.

On October 10 we got together to work on a project and finished it Oct 17. We were all very excited for the finished product. This was also a very fun and exciting way for our clubs new members to get to know the returning members. Also, this project promoted teamwork amongst our energetic club. The project was for the, 100th Anniversary 4-H Club cards – Building a Winning Future Contest.

We had our first long ride on Oct 19 with the higher levels riding in the morning and the lower levels and all us new kids in the afternoon.

We have been collecting tires from our neighbors and family and hit the dump on Oct 26 for our tire recycling fundraiser.