Artists in the House coming to Rimbey’s historical Beatty House

Gloria Nesbitt loves to create. As an artist who observes expressions and notices the unique character lines

Gloria Nesbitt took her artist tools to A & W recently and enjoyed some quiet time sketching the faces of the locals who were partaking of their morning coffee and socializing.

Gloria Nesbitt loves to create.

As an artist who observes expressions and notices the unique character lines etched into the faces of seniors on canvas, she takes great pleasure in people watching and then with lightning strokes of her artist brush, creating a portrait.

A busy mother-of- four boys, Nesbitt loves to create beauty with her artwork.

It was this love of creating and her fascination with faces that drew her to the A & W restaurant a few weeks ago. Armed with her artist tools of sketchpad and watercolors she spent a delightful morning capturing the faces she observed on canvas.

“The elderly faces especially, I find fascinating,” she said. “I just about chickened out, but then I decided to go ahead and do it.”

Nesbitt said it is especially challenging to draw the faces of people who are not posed for their portrait.

“The bend in the eyebrow, the angle of the neck, these are fascinating to get down on paper,” she said.

Art has always fascinated Nesbitt.

“I have always loved it; ever since childhood,” she said.

Although Nesbitt has not pursued her talent for monetary reward, she has continued to create art for her own personal satisfaction. She has done some murals and completed a mural of an old-fashioned bakery on one of the walls of the former bakery in Rimbey.

“Being creative is so much a part of myself,” she said.

Nesbitt plans to attend the open house celebration of creative people to be held at the Beatty House Sept. 27.

The event promises to provide the public with a delightful potpourri of creativity happening in Rimbey and area.

The Beatty Heritage House Society, in support of Alberta Culture Days, is hosting Artists in the House – a fun few hours where the community can see the range of creative outlets in Rimbey.

Bronwen Jones from the Beatty House committee said the event is to be held from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

“We really want to encourage anyone who feels that art or any kind of creativity is a big part of their lives,” she said. “We want volunteers to commit to spending at least 15 minutes in their own studio area either in the Beatty House or outside in the garden to show, share, even sell whatever comes out of your studio/basement/garage at home.”

The open house is open to performing artists, musicians, artists, photographers and other creative people who are willing to share their gifts and talents.

“We just want to get creative people talking to each other and build this in the community.”

The event is also to include children creating art with Lego and Parent Link will be set up so youngsters can create designs with sidewalk chalk.

“It will be like a creative fringe type of thing. It may be organized chaos, but we are going to give it a try.”

People who volunteer to celebrate their efforts will be treated to a private lunch at the Beatty House from noon to 1 p.m.

“It will be a fun place to meet and mingle with your fellow creators and build stronger connections within the arts and crafts community,” said Jones.

Anyone interested in participating and would like to RSVP for the lunch or simply wants more information please email the society at or call Bronwen at 403-843-2547 or Teri at 403-843-6497.