Bentley school Fashion Option teachers overseeing the production of Bentley school's Fashion Night Out were Marla Kolybaba and Courtney MacMillan.

Bentley school stages successful fashion show

It was a sold out crowd of around 200 at the Fashion Night Out.

It was a sold out crowd of around 200 at the Fashion Night Out. For over two months those in the Junior High Fashion Option had been working tirelessly to prepare for the Bentley School’s 1st Annual Fashion Night Out that took place on May 22 in the darkened high school gymnasium.

Fashions ranged from very casual sporting and beachwear, to fashions for school, and even some longer gowns.

Stores who were so cooperative and whose fashions were modeled included Mandy’s Fashion and Footwear from Rimbey, Queen Bea from Bentley, Nomads from Sylvan Lake, Twisted Label from Ponoka, South Hill Design Jewelry by Airyn Street from Ponoka, and United Cycle from Edmonton.

Marvel College from Red Deer gave the girl models complimentary hairstyles. Mary Kay consultants did the model’s makeup.

About 45 grades 6-9 school students from the Bentley school’s fashion option were involved. Models included about 40 boys and girls, and seven staff members. There were too many models to mention by name here.

Spearheading the whole idea were the Fashion Option teachers Courtney MacMillan and Marla Kolybaba.

When the idea of putting on a fashion show was put to the junior high fashion option, students they loved the idea but didn’t realize the amount of work and planning it would take to pull it off.

MacMillan said, “I had this crazy idea about putting on a fashion show as our fashion options major project. The students bought in right away. It was an awesome experience for all of them which I know they will never forget!”

“I think the biggest thing the students will take away from this fashion show is the realization of how much work it takes to host an event like this, and of course I’m sure they will have a much better appreciation for similar events.”

The show’s masters of ceremonies for the evening were option teacher Courtney MacMillan dressed in Twisted Label attire and student Lina Matheson sporting Mandy’s Fashion and Footwear clothing.

Appetizers were prepared by Lora Walker, the one who does the hot lunch program for the Bentley School.

The lighting, music, sound and setup were by Jesse Halladay and Tanner Hogensen. Behind the scenes were Harley Whitfield, Breanne Bickford, and Ashley Cumming and front door greeters were Quinn Millar and Gracie Whitfield.

Six young gentlemen students who acted as servers for the event were Brody Beveridge, Andrew Williams, Joey Goyette, Matthew Robie, Landon Coulter, and Lee Coulter. They planned, prepped, and served the mocktails.

MacMillan orchestrated the whole event and Kolybaba’s main job was to organize the decorations, drinks, and help with the servers.

Exquisite looking programs and posters were designed by school clerk Mrs. Jacquie Ruud.

Both option teachers agreed it all wouldn’t have happened without the support of so many of the staff and of the cooperation of the option students themselves.

“It was a great success and all that were able to attend the evening had a great night out! The students and staff helped pull off an unforgettable night! We are definitely looking forward to next year’s show!” MacMillan said.

All proceeds raised went back towards the junior high fashion option at the school.