Servus group from the Rimbey Servus Credit Union participated in the Bowl for Kids event last year.

Bowl for Kids’ Sake coming soon

It’s almost time to slip on the bowling shoes and raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rimbey at the annual Bowl for Kids’ Sake.

By Annette Peck

It’s time once again to Bowl for Kids’ Sake!

It’s almost time to slip on the bowling shoes and raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rimbey at the fifth annual Bowl for Kids’ Sake. The event, to be held on Sunday, March 6 at Striker’s Alley, is sure to be fun for everyone and the money raised supports mentorships right here in Rimbey. Whether you decide to bowl with family, friends or staff, sponsor a bowler or alane, donate food or prizes or volunteer for part or the day, your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

At this point in the winter everyone needs to have some fun and the Mardi Gras theme adds excitement. As always, we willhave lots of hourly and fundraising prizes, contests and games, and delicious snacks throughout the day donated by localrestaurants and caterers.

Fundraising has been more challenging this year for very good reason. The changes we have experienced in our localeconomy have put added pressure on local families and made the need for mentors even more critical. We still want people tobe aware that the most precious donation is their time.

Growing up, kids are at an impressionable stage. If they don’t have many positive role models to guide them, they will look towhoever happens to be around. Sometimes those options are not very positive and may come from such questionableresources as television, video games and movies. The kids who chose these role models the ones who just need the peace of mind and security of knowing that someone real is there for them.

We are fortunate to have about 40 mentorships each year in Rimbey but some children still wait too long to be matched. Themajority of our volunteers are women and they do a fantastic job. Some boys need a male influence and some conversationscan only happen with another guy.

Volunteers are always surprised by how much they get back from their mentorships, and all they need to do is show up andbe themselves. Most play games, cards, read or bake and everything needed is provided. The program helps teach kids thatthe best things in life are free, and just an hour a week for one year, is a gift that a child will keep for a lifetime.

We are proud of our Big Brothers Big Sisters program and want it to continue but we need your help.

For more information about Bowl for Kids’ Sake and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rimbey contact us at 403-843-1066