A great turnout showed up for the Rimbey Christian School fundraiser held last Friday at The Peter Lougheed Community Centre. Codi Kreil and Jordana Baker entertained during the event

Christian School Fundraiser successful

The Winter Banquet helped Rimbey Christian School celebrate its 29th birthday.

By Scott Ellis

The Winter Banquet helped Rimbey Christian School celebrate its 29th birthday. For a community of our size to support an alternative vision of education is a testimony in itself. After almost thirty years we are pleased to see the impact our unique vision for education has had on the lives of our students. We believe that when children find their passion amazing thing shappen as Codi Kreil and Jordana Baker’s performance Friday night illustrated. Codi is an alum of RCS, and Jordana is an alum of LCS.

RCS is a non-denominational school that teaches the Alberta curriculum; however, we do not receive government funding for bussing, our building or biblical studies. Fundraising is an integral part of our mission because we want any family to be able to send their children regardless of their location or means.

Fundraising is also an opportunity for the community to partner with us in teaching a world view that assumes children are gifts who are endowed with talents that should be discovered and developed.

We were humbled by the great turn out for the banquet, and were encouraged by so many new faces in the crowd.

We would like to thank Pharmasave, Empress Coffee Shop, Rimstone Restaurant, and the anonymous donor for the door prizes. Once again Starkist Catering left us wanting more, and thank you to the comedy duo Bare’n Von Hair for leaving us in stitches.

If you would like to find out more about Rimbey Christian School, you can email development@rimbeychristianschool.com, or call (403) 843-4790.