Competition on for Best Dressed Yards in Bentley

Once again the Bentley & District Ag Society fair Horticulture Convener Dorothy Sherwood is accepting nominations

Once again the Bentley & District Ag Society fair Horticulture Convener Dorothy Sherwood is accepting nominations for Best Dressed Town Yards in Bentley.

There are three categories – Best Front Yard, Best Back Yard, and Best Whole Yard.

Entries are judged based on the general arrangement and cleanliness and overall aesthetic appeal, flowers, vegetable gardens, trees/shrubbery and lawns as well as any special features in the yard.

Judging the yards is Martha Krause from Bluffton who is a registered, qualified judge.

Last year not as much interest was shown.

“Hopefully with the advertising, I have put up posters around town, and it is on the Internet, people will get interested again and enter,” Sherwood says.

Originally the cut off date for entering Best Yards was July 31 but that has been extended to August 3. There are cash prizes for Best Yards donated by T&S Lilies and by Greg & Sandy Beavis.

This year a photographer will take pictures while the judging is being done on the morning of August 6 so photos can be posted along with the horticulture displays in the Bentley curling rink for the general public to see during August 7 and 8. Spectators’ admission is always free.

Nominees will be contacted for permission ahead of time before any yards are entered.

Give Dorothy a call at 403-748-4122 to enter your own yard or to nominate someone else’s. There are four entries so far Sherwood says, but more are desirable.

This year, fourth year show convener Dorothy Sherwood, is also hoping to see an increase in overall entries in the Horticulture Bench Exhibits displays.

There were lots of reasons for numbers being down by as much as two-thirds last year including poor weather, the late growing season, too much rain, hail storms, and just general apathy she feels.

“Last year was a bad year (for numbers of entries),” she says. “I think because of the hail in Bentley and the bad weather (just before the fair).”

There are categories for vegetables, flowers, fruits, table centerpieces, and floral and basket arrangements. Not all special prizes could be awarded last year as there were not enough qualifying entries.

Entries for horticulture bench exhibits are accepted at the Bentley curling rink on the morning of August 6 from 9:30 to 11:30. Exhibitors are asked to bring their entries with entry tags filled out and to ensure that their entries exactly conform to the category being entered.

The theme for the fair this year is Salute to the Bentley & District Fire Department.

Winners of all ‘Special Prizes’ will be formally announced and prizes presented on Friday, August 8 at the curling rink at 12:30 p.m.

For more horticulture show information call Dorothy at 403-748-4122, check the Bentley Ag Society website, posters, or the fair booklets left around town.

Other bench exhibit categories on display for the fair include baking, crafts, art, photography, sewing, and school exhibits. Each has its own convener.