Depression and anxiety recovery program coming to Rimbey

Depression and anxiety can be crippling emotional states that can grab anyone.

Depression and anxiety can be crippling emotional states that can grab anyone, unawares, and leave them feeling completely unable to cope with day to day challenges.

There is, however, help out there and no one needs to battle these mental health issues alone.

Following the cognitive behavior therapy model, Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program can help by replacing negative thinking patterns and self-talk with realistic beliefs.

The eight-week-program, coming to Rimbey soon, will allow participants to identify depression and its causes, improve their emotional intelligence and enhance their energy levels and mood.

The program, to be held at the Rimbey Provincial Building located at 5025-55 St. on Thursday nights starting March 29, will help participants to defeat depression through right thinking and achieve peak mental performance.

A free orientation will be held on Tues., March 15 at 7 p.m.

The program authored by Neil Nedley is an eight-part series including an informative video, lectures and a workbook that will help participants move forward.

The program has helped over 5,000 documented participants from numerous countries achieve improved mental health.

The program will be directed by Sheila Beaudoin and Lorenzo Rolle.

“It is very good,” said Beaudoin. “It offers different ways to cope with depression and anxiety and how to recognize the signs.”