Hoadley church to celebrate 80-year anniversary next Sunday after service

The Hoadley Evangelical Missionary Church will mark its 80th anniversary with cake and coffee

Distinguished member: Bill Matson has the distinction of attending the Hoadley Evangelical Missionary Church since its beginning 80 years ago when he was a teenager.


The Hoadley Evangelical Missionary Church will mark its 80th anniversary with cake and coffee following the morning service this coming Sunday (June 22).

On June 10, 1934, the first church service was held in an empty pool hall in Old Hoadley. A packing crate was used for the pulpit for a single lady preacher and the pews were planks on nail kegs. Yet 45 people attended.

The second building, built on the hill beside the Hoadley cemetery in the mid-’50s, was struck by lightning and burned in 1981. Community members helped donate towards rebuilding. The church recently constructed a large addition on the third building.

As in past years, the Hoadley church looks for ways to be involved with the local community.

It sponsors Community Unity events at the Hoadley Hall. The church rents the hall and buys the food while the Hoadley Happy Gang cooks the meal. A minimal fee is charged. In the past, the church has imported a magician and a ventriloquist for entertainment at these social evenings. Bob Layton will be the guest speaker this year.

Previously, many from the community enjoyed church-sponsored steak and lobster suppers at the Hoadley Hall in the spring.

For the Christmas concert, both the church and the hall provide turkey for a potluck supper and participate in the community Christmas program.

The Hoadley church ladies are the clean-up crew at the Hoadley Hall Fall Suppers.

In an effort to contribute to the community, the church donated some of their land so the Hoadley cemetery could expand.

Besides sharing special events and being available for weddings and funerals, the church is here to bring the Good News of the Gospel of Christ to our community.