Lawrence and Carol Jaffray and their family received a 100 year farm family sign from Keith Stephenson, a councillor with Lacombe County. Photo submitted

Jaffray family receives 100 year farm family sign

Lockhart area family receives recognition

In 1917 a young man from Scotland, who had come to Canada armed with the pioneering spirit and a desire for a new life decided to set down roots in the Lockhart area.

He purchased a quarter-section of land and began the difficult job of farming. He married Bella and the couple raised a large family.

This young man’s name was Alexander Jaffray and, today, his farming legacy remains alive and well.

On June 3 Lawrence and Carol Jaffray were recognized by Lacombe County as a 100-year farm family.

In honour of this milestone, Lacombe County Councillor Keith Stephenson presented the Jaffray family with a sign.

Carol Jaffray said her husband was raised on the farm and he and his older brother took over its operation when their father passed away in 1956. Lawrence later began running the farm on his own.

Lawrence and Carol have lived on the family farm during their 49 years of marriage, raising three children there. Their son, Bradley and his wife Karen and their three children also live on the farm.

While farming has changed due to technology; hard work, determination and a pioneering spirit are as important to the industry today as they were a hundred years ago.

And it’s obvious these traits have remained with the Jaffray family throughout the century.