Delbert Fox from Leslieville was one of the participants in the Rimbey 24th annual cutter parade held last Saturday at the Agricultural Grounds. A good crowd showed up for the event and 31 cutters participated in the parade. See story page 10.

Participants in this year’s cutter parade almost double last year’s showing

A gusty strong wind did nothing to sweep away the fun experienced by participants at this year’s Rimbey cutter parade.

A gusty strong wind that swept through the area, Saturday did nothing to sweep away the fun experienced by participants at this year’s Rimbey cutter parade.

“It was windy, but it was also sunny, so overall we had a fairly decent day,” said Denise McFarlane, president of Rimbey Sleigh,Wagon and Saddle Club.

McFarlane was pleased with the number of participants this year, the club’s 24th annual cutter parade.

“We had 31 cutters this year. That is almost double the number of entries we had last year.”

McFarlane was also pleased to note the stands were quite full of interested spectators who came out to enjoy the event.

“It was quite well attended,” she said.

Twelve-year-old Sara Brewster from the Buck Creek area was the youngstest participant. This year’s cutter parade was thefirst time the youngster had ever taken part in a cutter parade and it was also the first time for her miniature horses to participate.

Art Terpsma from Rocky Mountain House won the draw for the oldest driver (everyone 65 and over were invited to participate in the draw).

Allen McKenzie from Stony Plain won the prize for coming the farthest to attend the parade, although there was also participants from Carstairs, Olds, Sherwood Park and Tees.

The prize for the best outfit went to Jesse Clough from Rimbey.

A silent auction and concession was held in conjunction with the cutter parade.

Keith Kendrew gave donkey rides and there was a live band.

Overall, McFarlane views this year’s event as a success and is grateful for all the volunteers, the people who donated, those who showed up to watch and the participants.