Rimbey and District Hort. Group hosting Rose and Lily Show

This is the busiest time of the year for many community groups and volunteers as they plan summer events.

This is the busiest time of the year for many community groups and volunteers as they plan summer events. Support from the public always makes these events a success.

The next event sponsored by the Rimbey and District Horticulture Group is the Rose and Lily Show.

This is a for-runner leading up to the Horticulture and Craft Show to be held in August.

This event is not only for the veteran growers but is also an opportunity for anyone who has never participated in a “Bench Show” to learn the “ins and outs” of these events and meet with others who enjoy growing roses and lilies. Also an opportunity for the Hort. Group to show what can be grown in this area.

The Rimbey and District Horticulture Group will be setting up a tent between the schoolhouse and the church in Pas Ka Poo Park and there will be volunteers to assist those who bring in their roses and lilies.

This spring, it seemed that many perennials had a slow start but a couple of good rains changed that in a hurry and now we are looking forward to see what “man” (woman) and nature can produce.

Here are a few tips that could help when putting your exhibit together:

#1 Bring your own container (vase, rose bowl, etc.) because there will be none available on site this year.

#2 Lilies tend to be heavy so a sturdy container is recommended. Old milk bottles work well or any tall, heavy vase.

#3 Want to keep your lily looking tall and proud when the neck of the vase is too wide? Then tuck a small piece of something (celery?) beside the stem to keep the lily upright.

#4 Your Lilly could be three to four feet tall while in the garden but a two-foot stem or less should work well.

Roses are something else.

#1 Long stemmed? Leaves but no buds.

#2 In a bowl? Own foliage but nothing else

#3 Miniature? One stem with leaves and buds.

#4 Shrub? One stalk with leaves and buds.

Why all the rules? To make it an even playing field for all.

Hope the hints are helpful.

Volunteers will be available to put tags on the entries. There is no charge to enter but your entry could win you a gift card.