Rimbey and District Victim Services enhances community presence

Community outreach and client services boosted by board of directors

Janet Porter


Over the past few years, the Rimbey and District Victim Services Unit has become more and more involved in the community.

Volunteers and staff provide confidential support to those impacted by serious life events. They offer information to students and at community fairs about bullying, internet safety, healthy dating, family violence, elder abuse, suicide and mental health.

“Response to Victim Services’ involvement has been very positive, and requests to provide information, workshops and education on social issues in the community have steadily increased.” says Rebekah Seidel, co-chair, Victim Services Board of Directors.

“Our board reviewed our staffing, and decided to meet the community’s needs for services by refreshing our senior leadership roles,” says Fran Osokin, co-chair, Victim Services Board of Directors.

As of this month, Victim Services will increase their community outreach through a new position — Community Outreach Coordinator. Direct client services will be enhanced with the revised role of Client Services Coordinator.

“We’re pleased that Janet Porter stays with Victim Services as our Community Outreach Coordinator,” says Seidel. “She will help us develop our essential community outreach, education and partnerships.”

Porter will meet with groups to pinpoint gaps in services that might be resolved in creative community partnerships. She will also reach out to locations outside of Rimbey, where the Victim Services office is located.

“I will be scheduling time for a Victim Services presence in each of our hamlets and community halls found in the district covered by the Rimbey and District Victim Services Unit,” says Porter.

Patricia Jones continues with Victim Services as the Client Services Coordinator. Under her leadership, a dedicated and well-trained team of volunteer advocates will continue to provide 24/7 services. Jones is also the group’s liaison with the RCMP.

“Together, we are committed to strengthening our ability to assist those who need us and creating a positive impact in our community,” says Jones.

“On behalf of the board, we’d like to thank both Janet and Patricia for their outstanding contributions to Victim Services, and their support and guidance to best meet the needs of our community,” says Seidel and Osokin.

The Rimbey and District Victim Services Society is a non-profit, police-based association organization which assists the police in providing support, information and referrals to victims of crime, tragic or traumatic circumstances, and disaster.