The ceremonies for The Rimbey high school graduating class were held at the Peter Lougheed Community Centre last Saturday. The main auditorium was packed for the event which included the presentation of high school awards.

Rimbey Class of 2014 holds high school graduation ceremonies

The class of 2014 who graced the stage at last Saturday’s graduation ceremonies enjoyed an evening of celebration

The class of 2014 who graced the stage at last Saturday’s graduation ceremonies enjoyed an evening of celebration with family and friends, as they bid a final farewell to their high school years.

It was a celebration to be remembered and the grads, resplendent in their formal attire, were the recipients of several congratulatory speeches and many well-deserved accolades.

Trudy Bratland, chairman of the board of trustees for Wolf Creek Public Schools told the grads their work and effort throughout high school had finally paid off.

“Hopefully, you will come away from here with a true sense of accomplishment and the knowledge that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to, even if it does constitute a certain amount of work an effort.”

Many of you will pursue careers that are and have been established for countless yeas and many of you will start your working lives doing something that wasn’t even invented when you began your education journey. Whatever your choices are, we hope that they will bring you satisfaction and happiness throughout your lives.”

Amber Hester, assistant superintendent for inclusive learning for Wolf Creek Public Schools said there are many definitions of graduate.

“One is to be granted an academic diploma and another is to advance to a new level of skill, achievement or activity.”

Hester said graduation is just the beginning of many achievements the grads will accomplish in their life.

“We hope your school experience had prepared you well for your future and that when you look back you will have fond memories of your time at Rimbey High School,” she said.

Principal Tim Lekas wished the grads well, noting the class had left him and the rest of the staff at Rimbey Junior/Senior High School with many great memories.

“It is always a pleasure for our staff to plan and then attend our school graduation. Just like your parents, we feel a tremendous sense of pride when we reflect on your accomplishments. You’ve done great, and there is much more great stuff to come,” he told the grads.

Lekas said the theme ‘Here’s to Us’ suggests it is time to acknowledge the many accomplishments of this graduating class.

“On behalf of the staff we want you to know that we all very proud of you.”

Valedictorian Morgan Vandenhoven’s speech focused on memories of the high school days.

He concluded by thanking the parents, grandparents, friends, classmates and the community.

“We wouldn’t be here without you. So, here’s to us!”