Co-op helps outs: Kathy Maconochie

Rimbey Co-op lifts hospital fundraising campaign off of its first starting blocks

On Wednesday, Sept. 3 representatives from the Rimbey Co-op visited the Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre


On Wednesday, Sept. 3 representatives from the Rimbey Co-op visited the Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre to present a cheque for $9,000 to purchase an overhead patient lift.

With an ambitious fundraising goal, the Rimbey Health Services Donation Committee and David Thompson Health Trust recently launched a new campaign to purchase 49 overhead patients lifts for Continuing Care. The full project comes with a price tag of $392,000. It is exciting to have Rimbey Co-op join the overhead patient lift campaign in a leadership role with this generous gift of $9,000. They have demonstrated that Rimbey Co-op is a philanthropic, community-focused business that values enhanced health care in Rimbey.

Residents in Continuing Care have very complex health issues and require patient lifts to assist with their transfers from place to place. Historically, these transfers have been completed with the use of portable floor lifts. The portable floor lifts are costly to purchase and have a high incidence of breakdowns. Repairs to the portable floor lifts are also very costly. Through this current campaign, the Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre will become equipped with enough overhead patient lifts to service all 69 Continuing Care residents.

There are several benefits of overhead patient lifts. Because they are attached to the ceiling, as opposed to taking up space on the floor, they promote a clutter free environment which provides more room to safely complete patient transfers. Also, the lifts use an electric motor that allows caregivers to lift patients with the press of a button. This means less strain on the caregiver’s back and muscles, reducing workplace injuries. The overhead lifts can support up to 440 pounds, with an option to use two motors which doubles this lifting capacity. Patients of all types can easily and safely be transferred with this new equipment.

Rimbey Co-op has made a significant contribution to the overhead lift campaign through their donation to support the purchase of one lift. Local businesses are encouraged to follow suit and make a contribution to the campaign. Individuals and families can also join the campaign by making a donation of any amount – every gift makes a difference. As a community, we can continue to enhance health care in Rimbey.

Donations can be made directly at the hospital, by mail at PO Box 440, Rimbey AB T0C 2J0, online at, or by phone at 1-877-895-4430.