Senior portraits part of Bentley centennial project

A local photographer is attempting a special project that is close to her heart for Bentley’s centennial.

A local photographer is attempting a special project that is close to her heart for Bentley’s centennial.

Bonnie Hoskin of Traditions PHOTOGRAPHY would like to include portraits of as many seniors from the Bentley area as she can, especially of founders of the area, in her Centennial Portrait Exhibit. There will be no cost for the individuals selected.

Photos used will be displayed in the Bentley Community Hall at the art show and possibly other places around the town of Bentley during Centennial rodeo/fair days August 6-9.

“I have no idea how many (portraits) it could include. The number involved will dictate what kind of display I end up having,” she says. “I have thought of creating portraits of the town’s senior citizens numerous times in the past and with the celebration of Bentley’s centennial I thought this would be the best time in my lifetime to do such a project.”

Hoskin, who was raised in Bentley and still lives in the area, is an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada.

She will be available to take pictures at her own studio, at the Bentley Care Centre, at Westview Apartments, at the Bentley Drop-In Center, or will come to the senior’s residence.

Bonnie will be at the Bentley Drop-In Centre on May 26 from 10:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. to take pictures there.

Families or individuals who would consider being included in her special project, at no cost, can contact Bonnie directly by calling 403-748-4458 (res) or 403- 340 9094 (cell) to get more information or make an appointment.

A signed model release will be required. Some seniors may need permission from their families for por- traits to be taken.

Portraits used will be gifted to the senior or the family after her Centennial display is over.

The deadline to have pictures taken to be involved in this special project is June 30.

Please pass the word around to other families and individuals from the Bentley area who might consider being included in this special project too. Long time area residents and founders of the community are her main focus.