Springdale Players on stage for Liberty Hall Dinner Theatre performances

“It is a murder mystery. It is about an acting troupe who is putting on a play and someone shows up dead.” - Director Connie Jensen

Christian Lohmann and Elaine Hawkings performed in the Springdale Players presentation of Maid to Order last year.

The Springdale Players, a talented group of local actors, will soon be back on stage once again, bringing to its audience a delightful tale of murder, mystery and intrigue.

Liberty Hall Dinner Theatre will present the Pat Cook play, ‘You have the right to remain dead’, throughout February.

Director Connie Jensen said performers have been rehearsing for several weeks for the performances and she is confident the play will be a great success.

“It is a murder mystery,” she said. “It is about an acting troupe who is putting on a play and someone shows up dead.”

The fact that actors are playing the role of actors attempting to solve the mystery of the murder gives the play a unique and unusual twist.

The audience will be invited to put their thinking caps on to help solve the mystery.

“There will be lots of blackouts and laughter and people running around,” said Jensen. “It will be lots of fun and I think people will be happy with the show.”

Veteran actors Pam Perry, Karen and Merv Steeves, Ernie Closs, Trish Matthews and Journey Giesbrecht are included in this year’s cast of five men and five women.

Tickets are available for performances on Feb. 6, 7, 13, 20 and 27 and matinees which will be held Feb. 8 and 22.

For more information call Sheryl at 403-843-6153.