Contributor questions whether Conservative Party should be prosecuted or not

Dear Editor;

Ronald Lamothe, an assistant chief investigator in the Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections is quoted as saying:

“I have noted a consistent pattern created by the Conservative Party of Canada or the Conservative Fund Canada to deposit funds into the accounts of various campaigns, only to have the same or similar amounts transferred, always under the control of the Conservative Party or the Conservative Fund Canada, back to the Conservative Fund Canada, the chief agent of the Conservative Party of Canada,”

Should this be provable in a court of law (and assuming there is evidence from Conservative Headquarters obtained through the search warrant) local candidates never had possession. If they never actually controlled the money they should not be able to claim reimbursement from Elections Canada. If the invoices from the media agency had to be altered, it should have been evident that there was something wrong with what they were doing.

The question at issue now becomes whether or not the Conservative Party and those who conceived and implemented the scheme should be prosecuted.

Joe Hueglin

Niagara Falls, Ont.