Busy long weekend for Rimbey RCMP

This week, Rimbey RCMP Detachment responded to 68 calls for service.

  • Tue May 26th, 2015 1:00pm
  • News

This week, Rimbey RCMP Detachment responded to 68 calls for service including several stolen vehicles, thefts, domestic disputes, illicit drugs and off-highway vehicle collisions.

Busy long weekend

Does anyone remem-ber the Andy Griffith Show and the little town of Mayberry? When I accepted a transfer from the busy city to Rimbey, I had Mayberry envisioned in my mind. For the most part, Rimbey is that perfect little town that compares to the fictional town of Mayberry.

This week, I cannot characterize Rimbey as the sleepy hollow of Mayberry.

As part of the May Long Weekend Task Force, Rimbey RCMP partnered with several other agencies to respond to the increased calls for service. Gull Lake, Medicine Lake, North Saskatchewan River and the Town of Rimbey see a huge increase in population during the long weekend. Here is a glimpse of what we encountered this week:

Numerous tickets issued

A Rimbey Mountie teamed up with a Forestry Officer and patrolled the backcountry near Medicine Lake and the North Saskatchewan River by way of off-highway vehicle. Other officers patrolled the area by way of four-wheel drive police trucks. Police issued numerous tickets for no insurance, no registration and for driving while suspended. There were impaired drivers operating ATV’s who were arrested and charged.

ATV rollover

Police, EMS, Fire Department and STARS personnel responded to an ATV rollover in the back- country near Aurora Hall. The victim sustained non-life threatening injuries. Alcohol is not believed to be a factor in that incident. Thankfully, he was wearing a helmet which likely saved his life.

Three-year-old passenger

Members had three vehicles take off on them when conducting traffic stops. In each case, the vehicle was either stolen or the drivers were already suspended and had no insurance on their vehicle. In one case, a 30-year-old female driving an Oldsmobile car took off on police when they turned on the red and blue lights and siren. The officer chose not to pursue the car on the gravel roads, instead he called local farmers and got them to keep the officer posted as to where the car was last seen. Once the dust settled, police moved into the area where the car was last seen and found the dangerous driver walking down the road carrying her little three-year-old daughter. On the road were bits and pieces of her tire which she had blown trying to evade police. Her male counterpart had jumped into the driver’s seat and fled west of Aurora Hall driving on the rim leaving the woman and child stranded. The fine member of society did not get very far with no tire and finally abandoned the car in a farmer’s driveway and fled on foot into the bush nearby. Police dispatched a K9 unit to the scene and tracked the man until police were able to determine who he, in fact, was. Once police had his identity, the chase was called off and a warrant was issued for the man who is very well known to police. The female driver was arrested and charged with over $8,000 in fines and had her car seized. Children Services were dispatched to intervene on behalf of the child’s welfare. It was the little girl’s birthday.

RCMP busy

During the busy weekend, officers charged a local man with possession of methamphetamine, wrote over 100 tickets, seized five motor vehicles, charged three impaired drivers and recovered several stolen vehicles.

On the lighter side of things, an officer stopped a speeding motorcycle near Rimbey. The driver did not possess a class 6 drivers license which is required to operate a motorcycle. If he were riding with other bikers who had a class 6, he could continue to drive with his class 5 license under their direct supervision. While the officer was contemplating towing the bike, the driver noticed three other Harley enthusiasts coming in their direction. He waved down the other riders and asked if he could ride with them so his motorcycle didn’t have to get towed. The officer asked the three other bikers for their licenses to ensure they had the proper licenses. That is when the officer got blank stares followed by looks of desperation. They didn’t have class 6 licenses either! Evidently, it was a good week to own a tow company!