Cote ready to go to the polls to represent the PC party

The premier’s decision to go ahead with an early elec- tion is fully supported by the PC candidate.

The premier’s decision to go ahead with an early election is fully supported by the PC candidate for the Rocky Mountain House-Rimbey-Sundre riding.

“The face of the party has changed. Under a new leader and MLAs who were elected under a different banner, the premier is right to seek a mandate. It is also good that Albertans have the opportunity to have their say about a very different budget than what they have seen before,” said Tammy Cote.

Cote has set up her campaign office on the main street of Rocky Mountain House, but plans to travel extensively throughout the riding and is looking forward to visiting Rimbey.

“People have different priorities and expectations,” she said. “Every community has their key issues and concerns.”

Cote notes that the provincial budget has received criticism by Albertans, but she believes it is fair and balanced. “Budgets are never popular,” she said, “but I believe it shows a fair balance between keeping taxes low and still being able to offer quality services that Alberta expect.”

Cote said the budget was determined by keeping in mind that the economy is fragile and tax increases were measured and kept relatively small. She said Alberta remains the lowest taxed jurisdiction in the country.

“We have a very solid three year plan and Albertans can look forward to the fact we won’t be running a deficit in three years.”

Cote also stressed that by the year 2019/2020 half of the revenue coming from the resource industry will be placed in the contingency fund and Heritage Trust Savings.

“It is important to me that we capitalize on the wealth of our natural resources. We need to save money efficiently and not through the slash and burn approach.”

Cote is passionate about working hard for the people of her constituency to ensure it remains a beautiful, viable place to live.

“I have worked with people from all walks of life and businesses from all different industries. This experience lends insight into what is really important to the people of this constituency.” Cote has taken a leave of absence from her position with ATB Financial in Rocky Mountain House to cam- paign for the May 5 election.

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