Council may sell naming rights

Rimbey’s town council decided they are going to advertise that companies will be able to buy the naming rights of community

Rimbey’s town council decided they are going to advertise that companies will be able to buy the naming rights of community recreation buildings.

The concept was discussed briefly at the Aug. 20 meeting.

However, the concept is in its beginning stages and hasn’t been fully developed.

During the public portion of the meeting council hadn’t decided if a building’s naming rights should be set at a specific price or let businesses propose what they’re willing to pay.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters month

September has been named Big Brothers Big Sisters Month in Rimbey.

The month is already national Big Brothers Big Sisters Month, but since the program is only a year old in Rimbey it wasn’t able to take part in any ceremonies or celebrations last year.

Paula Madu, program director for Rimbey, thinks this is a good way to raise awareness about the program. “I think everybody really breaks into recruitment once school starts again.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters has a program that’s based from the school where a volunteer, for one hour a week, visits youths recommended by the school. This program stays within the school

Madu says everyone is welcome as a volunteer; they only have to go through a screening and criminal record check, which is no cost to the volunteer.

Big Brothers Big Sisters also has the traditional program where the child is picked up by their big brother or sister and they spend time doing activities in the community.

There is a flag-raising ceremony Sept. 12 at 2 p.m. at the town office where Mayor Sheldon Ibbotson will proclaim Big Brothers Big Sisters Month.

LED Lights

Rimbey may be getting LED lights for Main Street.

The lights are owned by Fortis and under the current non-investment program the town is paying a lower kilowatt per hour fee. However, this means a lower amount of maintenance is done on the lights by Fortis.

According to Goode, Fortis is proposing to replace the bulbs with LED bulbs. “I’m hoping this year, but we haven’t seen a proposal yet,” said Goode.

The wiring in the lights is deteriorating and with the LED bulbs less electricity would be running through them, extending their lifespan.

Grant support letter

Town council has decided to write a letter in support of the Central Alberta Raceway receiving a CFEP grant.

The grant the raceway is requesting is worth $125,000 and will go toward completing a concrete safety barrier wall.

The wall itself costs $300,120 and is also being support by sponsors of the raceway.