Counselling services ongoing in Rimbey

Delicia Adams is a clinical counsellor with a Masters Degree in martial and family therapy who comes to Rimbey every Tuesday.

  • Tue May 10th, 2016 3:00pm
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Sometimes a new perspective is all one needs to deal with difficult and painful situations that life sometimes throws in one’s path.

And sometimes just talking about the situation is enough to relieve the stress of tackling a difficult challenge alone.

That’s where Delicia Adams comes in.

Adams is a clinical counselor with a masters in marital and family therapy.

She comes to Rimbey every Tuesday to provide counseling services through Catholic Social Services. She especially enjoys working with teens, but is happy to work with people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Adams realizes it’s often not easy for people to reach out for help when they are in a crisis situation.

“It takes a huge leap of faith to come in,” she said, “and there is often fear they will be judged.”

Lending a listening ear and allowing people to share their concerns and fears and simply validating their feelings is important, she said.

“I want to help them feel empowered and help them tackle the different challenges they’re undertaking. Sometimes helping them get a new perspective on a situation will help relieve the stress. I try to treat each individual with sensitivity and make them feel safe and comfortable.”

While municipal funding has been cut for the service provided by Rimbey Community Wellness Association, Leanne Evans, program coordinator for Rimbey Neighborhood Place and the Community Wellness Group said the wellness group is hopeful to replace that funding through other sources.

Evans said the family councillor has been coming to Rimbey weekly since the program was initiated and she has a steady stream of clients.

“A disruption in the services offered would be a huge detriment to these clients,” she said. “It takes a very large leap of faith to reach out and admit that you need help. I hope we are able to continue to support these courageous people in their quest for peace.”

Some people utilizing the program are referred by Alberta Mental Health and

Rimbey Victim Service Unit is supportive of this initiative as well.

Referrals also come from the social worker at the Rimbey Junior Senior High School and West Country Outreach School.

Catholic Social Services has provided the services to Rimbey and area for a cost of approximately $15,000 annually.

“Great progress has been made to break down stigmatism and fear so that anyone that may find himself or herself in need of this service will access it,” she said.

Rimbey Victim Services and FCSS contribute $5,000 each towards the program.

Appointments can be made now with the family counsellor by calling Red Deer Catholic Social Service office at 403-347-8844 and specifying that the appointments be made in Rimbey.