RCMP deal with drunks and thieves this week

Rimbey RCMP Detachment members responded to 50 calls for service.

  • Wed Jun 17th, 2015 8:00pm
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Rimbey RCMP Detachment members responded to 50 calls for service. Highlights include theft of mail, break and enters, stolen vehicles and other serious matters.

Drunk driver rolls truck

Last Thursday, during the supper hour, an intoxicated man drove a Dodge truck up to the gas pumps at a local filling station and got into a physical confrontation with a concerned citizen who saw that he was drunk driving. The impaired driver left the gas station in the vehicle and proceeded to go to a residence in Rimbey to pick up four adult passengers to go party elsewhere. They didn’t get very far and rolled the truck on the outskirts of town. Fortunately, no one suffered any life threatening injuries in the crash The 33-year-old driver was arrested and charged with drunk driving. The vehicle was completely demolished and was impounded by police.

Mail theft investigated

Rimbey Mounties continue to investigate recent mailbox vandalism and thefts that have occurred throughout the detachment area. Other detachments in Central Alberta have also been hit by these thieves. To date, one adult male, a resident of Rimbey has been charged with seven counts of possession of stolen mail. Police continue to diligently investigate these crimes. Theft of mail is serious and has its own charging section in the Criminal Code. Sentences handed out by the Judge to those criminals convicted of mail theft is usually no less than 18 months in jail.

Missing tools

On June 5th, a telephone line worker was completing a job near Township Road 450 and Range Road 34. He left the work site for 10 minutes and when he returned his tools were missing. Someone had come along in the few minutes he had left them unattended and taken them. If you may have stumbled across them, please contact the detachment and we will return them to the rightful owner.

ATV stolen

Sometime between June 7th and June 11th, unknown culprit(s) entered a lot on Lakeview Drive at Gull Lake and broke into several travel trailers. A green 2008 Can Am Outlander ATV was stolen from the location. Police searched the area and discovered that the thief had driven the ATV away from the scene using a trail through the woods nearby. At approximately 6 p.m., on June 11, RCMP officers arrested a local 34-year-old male who resides not too far from where the crimes took place driving the stolen ATV. He had two illegal rifles in his possession as well as methamphetamine and break-in instruments. In addition to this, he was also in possession of mail belonging to several people from the Gull Lake area. Several mailboxes had been broken into on June 5 in that immediate area. The accused remains in custody and is well known to police. The accused faces numerous charges for these serious offences.

Lawn mower driver intoxicated

Last week, I wrote about a sot in Rimbey who rolled his riding lawn mower in town while he was intoxicated. Often, we say, “only in Rimbey could that ever happen”. Well, let me tell you — we are not alone. In the late afternoon on Tuesday, while en route to my son’s baseball game in Spruceview, we were travelling through Eckville on Highway 766. Heading straight down the middle of the highway was a man on a riding lawn mower coming right towards us with his head down. In one hand he was texting on his cell phone, in the other hand, he was carrying a beer. As we went around him — he didn’t even look up!

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