RCMP deal with more oil lease thefts

Rimbey RCMP responded to more than 40 calls for service over the course of the week.

  • Tue Jun 19th, 2012 8:00am
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Accident: A 29-year-old male from Saskatoon

Rimbey RCMP responded to more than 40 calls for service over the course of the week. The majority of calls were for uttering threats, break and enter, theft, assault, mischief and impaired driving complaints.

More oil lease thefts, vandalism

More lease sites were unlawfully entered. On the night of June 7, culprits entered a building on a lease site on Township Road 414 near Lockhart Road. The thieves stole a flare kit and committed damage to the door making their forced entry to the building.

Another site was hit near Gimlet where the midnight shoppers stole copper wire. The grounding wire was cut and removed from the site. Copper wire theft is rampant in central Alberta.

RCMP arrested a Saskatchewan man following a high-speed pursuit with a stolen truck. Once police stopped the truck and arrested the man attempting to flee, officers found the truck box full of stolen oilfield materials including copper wire. These thefts occurred after the other bandit was already in jail so we haven’t caught them all — yet. If you observe a suspicious person or vehicle near a lease site please call the police immediately.

Lock it or lose it

More car prowlings occurred in Rimbey this week. On June 1, the brazen opportunistic criminal(s) even did their crimes during the middle of the day. Several unlocked cars were entered during the middle of the day. Items stolen included a purse, Bluetooth, radar detectors and other electronic devices. Please do not leave valuables in your vehicles and always lock them up.

School buses vandalized

During the night of June 11, vandals struck in town targeting school buses. Damages were reported on several buses. Officers immediately responded and used the forensic identification section of the RCMP. Police are following up on leads that have developed and are continuing to actively investigate this crime.

Fuel thefts on the rise

Fuel theft is becoming more and more common. At least once a week there is a fuel theft reported in the detachment area. It is not always the large tanks at oil lease sites or farmyards that are targeted by thieves. Jerry cans in the back of pickups were the flavor of the week for local miscreants who find it easier to rip off a neighbor as opposed to getting a job and earning it on their own.

Driver charged in serious collision

On June 12, at approximately 4 p.m., police, fire and EMS quickly responded to a crash on Highway 20 at the Parkland Beach Road intersection. A southbound Lexus attempting to pass illegally on a double solid line at a high rate of speed, struck a southbound pickup truck turning left to go east on the Parkland Beach Road. The impact caused the pickup to roll ending up on its roof.

Thankfully officers see many miracles in their tour of duty and did again in this case. The driver of the pickup was transported to the Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre by EMS for non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the Lexus was not injured, however, he was arrested and charged with dangerous driving, a serious offence in the Criminal Code.

Stolen snowmobile recovered

Police recovered a new 2012 snow machine that had been stolen in broad daylight from a parking lot near the medical clinic a couple months ago during the noon hour. It was found in a tree west of highway 22 in thick bush. Obviously the thief was not on it when it was located. Police are following up on the leads in this case.

Three drivers suspended

Unbelievably, there were three more drivers suspended from their driving privileges this week for operating a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol. During the last court sitting in Rimbey impaired drivers received up to $2,500 fines and up to three-year license suspensions.

If you ever want to hear a real sad story, go to court and listen how hard done by the charged drivers are once they are caught. How they have to hire a driver for them to get to and from work. How they “can’t even get to town for groceries anymore.” Not to mention the criminal record they now have and how their auto insurance bills increased by over double. The message from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) and other concerned citizen groups is clear — Don’t Drink and Drive!”

If you have any information on these or any other crimes, please call the Rimbey RCMP at (403) 843-2224 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477, #8477 on Telus Mobility or *8477 on Rogers AT&T.

Crime Stoppers is a community program that does work. Do your part and call now.