Sheila Forsen and Donna Regnier carefully measure oatmeal at the Rimbey Food Bank which will be distrubuted in food hampers. Also helping is Debbie Everenden and Evie Burns.

Rimbey Food bank gears up for busy season

With Christmas just around the corner, volunteers at the Rimbey Food Bank are stepping up their efforts.

With Christmas just around the corner, volunteers at the Rimbey Food Bank are stepping up their efforts to ensure everyone enjoys a special holiday season.

FCSS executive director Peggy Makofka said the public is being most generous and donations are plentiful, but, on the downside of the equation, the need is greater this year.

Makofka noted that 87 families were helped through the food bank this year, and of those families 47 were new clients.

Last year 45 hampers were prepared and sent out and this year FCSS, along with a group of volunteers, are looking at preparing 75.

As of Dec. 1, applications were accepted at the FCSS office and as of Dec. 2, 12 had already been submitted.

Makofka is determined to meet the challenge that more applications presents and will combine her efforts with those of staff and volunteers to ensure no one in need will be left out.

“We will use some of our savings if necessary,” she said. “We have such a small window of time to pull it off, but we will do our best.”

Hampers may have to be rationed, but Makofka is hopeful donations will continue to pour in, so that measure won’t be necessary.

She notes that 80 per cent of the donations for the food bank come during November and December and is expecting the public to continue to be generous.

Foods containing protein, canned meats, beans, canned prepared meals, peanut butter and cheese whiz as well as staples such as flour and sugar are always welcome, she said. Donations may be made at some businesses around town and at theFCSS office located in the provincial building which is south of the Peter Lougheed Community Centre.

Hampers which go out at Christmas contain food including turkey and all the trimmings suitable for a Christmas meal as well as enough food to last for about a week. The hampers also include toys and treats for the children.