Rimbey Mayor looks ahead with optimism

As Rimbey Mayor Rick Pankiw finishes out the fourth year of his first term, he looks ahead with optimism.


As Rimbey Mayor Rick Pankiw finishes out the fourth year of his first term, he looks back with a sense of accomplishment and ahead with optimism.

He is pleased with the foundation he has helped build during his time as mayor and is eager to use his experience and dedication to the well being of the town to continue to lead Rimbey into a positive and exciting future.

“I have filed papers expressing my intention to run again,” he said. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as mayor and I feel I’m good at what I do.”

Pankiw said he looks forward to building even stronger relationships with bureaucrats.

“I’m not afraid to lobby for our citizens and I have the taxpayers best interests at heart at all times. I try to go with facts and needs, not just wants. I really believe my job as mayor is to look after taxpayers’ dollars and advocate on their behalf.”

Being mayor of Rimbey has definitely been a learning curve for the former Red Deer Rustler hockey player, who admits he was scrappy on the ice, and never the first to back down from confrontation.

“I know I have learned to be a better listener and research my facts before speaking out and not just jumping to conclusions.”

Pankiw said listening is an important part of his job.

“My door is always open.”

He is pleased that development officer Liz Armitage has been contracted and noted that files relating to past transactions that have become archaic are being rectified.

During his time as mayor he is pleased to note progress has been made in construction and infrastructure.

He is especially happy to see the construction of the new lodge get underway and is now involved in the process that lead to the refurbishing of the old manor.

The skateboard park, the overlay of Hwy. 53, a stronger relationship with Alberta Transportation regarding snow removal, renovations to the community centre and the arena renamed are a few highlights Pankiw is pleased to see completed.

He is also happy to know the relationship between Ponoka County and the town and other stakeholders is strong.

“There is a real trust there,” he said. “I feel we have rebuilt trust with our main stakeholders.”