Rimbey RCMP continue to deal with issues relating to domestic violence

Rimbey RCMP detachment investigated over 50 files this week.

  • Tue Jul 22nd, 2014 9:00am
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Collision: One person was taken to hospital with minor injuries after a westbound van traveling west of Rimbey on Hwy. 53 and Range Road 30 hit a moose. The accident occurred at 3:30 a.m. Thursday

Rimbey RCMP detachment investigated over 50 files this week. Highlights include domestic disputes, Mental Health Act investigations, arson, stolen cars, drugs and other serious matters.

Police break up ‘rave’

Young adults from all over Central Alberta, including Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary, converged on an oil lease site near Lockhart Road for a huge ‘rave’ on the weekend. Officers attended the scene and shut the party down dispersing hundreds of partygoers back to wherever they came from.

Criminal charges pending

After the cabaret on the weekend, three young men left the dance and decided to have a barbecue before heading home to Eckville. The intoxicated cowboys rounded up some jerry cans full of gas and a propane tank which they stole from different residences along the street.  The nay doers opened the propane tank nozzle to make a homemade bomb. They then doused the tank in gas and made a trail from the “would be” bomb to where they lit the gas line fuse on fire from across the street. The gas burned quickly along the ground to the leaking tank but it did not explode as they had anticipated. Fortunately, the exercise failed as the tank was only a few metres from a house where people were sleeping. The men took off from the scene before police and fire department personnel arrived. The arsonists have been identified and police are currently rounding them up. Criminal charges for break and enter committing theft, arson endangerment to life, arson causing property damage and other serious charges are pending their capture.

Meth user arrested

Early in the morning on Tuesday, July 15, a local dairy farmer, who was up before the rooster crowed and on his way to the milking barn, saw a suspicious car in his field. Police were called and quickly responded to the area. A man, tweaking on meth, was arrested at the farm for auto theft and for breaching multiple probation orders he was to abide by. The 30-year-old accused, a resident of an Empty Couch, Anywhere, Alberta, has been in custody since the arrest and will remain in jail for quite some time as he is no stranger to the law.

Domestic disputes continue

Officers dealt with numerous domestic disputes throughout the week. In most cases, alcohol or a mental health disorder were factors in each situation. Police have partnered with many agencies in the community to help address the issue of domestic violence. This partnership has been instrumental in promoting health and wellness and recently acquired councillors to come to town by way of grants and money from donation dollars raised in our community. If you require further information, please contact the Rimbey and District Victim Services Unit at (403) 843-8494.

If you have any information regarding these or any other crimes, please call the local Rimbey RCMP Detachment at (403) 843-2224 or Crime Stoppers:

PHONE: 1-800-222-8477

#8477 on Telus Mobility

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