Rimbey seniors win bronze medals in creative writing competition at Alberta 55 plus Games

Brenda Restall admits she hasn’t taken pen to paper to try her hand at creative writing since high school.

Brenda Restall admits she hasn’t taken pen to paper to try her hand at creative writing since high school.

But, this year the Rimbey senior is pleased as punch to learn she received a bronze medal with her poem entitled The Dance of Fire which was entered in the creative writing section from the senior’s games.

The fact that the poem was inspired by a fire, which destroyed her home three years ago in Sep- tember, is a testimony of courage and strength in the face of adversity, as well as a medal winning creation.

Restall is pleased to win, but no less pleased to learn that Alvin Goetz, also from Rimbey, won a bronze with his non-fiction humorous story entitled Leroy Brownlee – Unsuspecting Millionaire.

Restall is pleased to note that other Rimbey seniors will be competing in the Games.

“I am so impressed with the folks in Rimbey. I’m very proud of them,’ she said.

Qualifying at Zones for the Games are Harry and Marg Tucker and Reg Wright and Barry McMil- lan for bocce ball.

Bill Howe, Gladys Wilson and Russ and Alice Picketts qualified for military whist. Flo Howe qualified for singles crib. Brenda and Gordon Moentenay, Dave and Vivian Mulligan will compete in floor curling and Al Elliott will represent Zone 4 in the over 80 athletics category. Deb Retzlaff has qualified for golf.

Gladys Wilson, Dianna Wright, Lorraine Jarl, Harry Tucker, Barb Patey and Brenda Restall will compete in arts and crafts.

The Alberta 55 Plus Games is the province’s premier multi-sport and cultural event.

It promotes physical, intellectual and social wellness regardless of age or ability. The event is the ideal mix of sport, competition and fun.

Participants must qualify in Zones to compete in the Games. Host cities provide participants with full accommodation, food and entertainment. Sport and cultural competitions are accompanied by a torch relay, kick off/closing ceremonies and host city events.

2015 will mark the Games 35th anniversary.

The Strathmore 2015 Alberta 55 Sumer Games will be held July 16 to 19 in Strathmore, Alberta.

A banquet and medal presentation honoring the competitors from Zone 4 who won in creative writing and arts and crafts will be held in Rimbey at the Drop In Centre on July 26.