Snow removal policy now in effect



The above average temperatures experienced this winter has kept problems with snow removal to a minimum.

The above average temperatures experienced this winter has kept problems with snow removal to a minimum, however, town officials are at the ready should a snowfall occur.

Rick Schmidt, director of public works said a snow removal policy is now in effect.

The terms of the policy state it is the responsibility of the property owner to remove snow from adjacent sidewalks unless the snow was left there by snow removal crews. The snow is to be shoveled to the curb edge of the sidewalk and will be removed by the town. Snow is not to be pushed onto roadways or town property.

About half a block of sidewalk by the swimming pool where a town’s storm swale is located will, however, be cleaned by town crews as it is used extensively by school students.

The first priority of public works after a snowfall will be to ensure routes are cleared so emergency vehicles can access adjacent neighbourhoods through the shortest routes possible.

Snow will be removed off 50 Ave. between 47th and 53rd streets and the windrow will go in the middle of the road to be hauled away during the evening when less traffic will be experienced. Residential routes are to be cleaned within 120 hours of the end of a snowfall of 15 centimetres or more. Back alleys will be cleaned when rutting or drifting occurs or when they have become impassable due to accumulated snowfall.

On roadways with boulevards on both sides and no sidewalks on either side, snow windrows shall be plowed and stored on either or both boulevards.

As road conditions become slippery, abrasive and/or melting agents may be applied to dangerous areas such as hills, curves and intersections.

Contractors hired by individuals for snow removal will have access to the town’s snow storage site to be used at their own risk. There will be no charge. However, contractors must phone ahead to make arrangements and must have commercial equipment and carry the proper insurance.