Trees in cemetery to be replaced

Damaged and diseased trees that were removed from Mount Auburn cemetery last fall are going to be replaced.



Damaged and diseased trees that were removed from Mount Auburn cemetery last fall are going to be replaced.

At its regular meeting last Monday, council agreed to purchase 12 Vimy Ridge Oak trees for the Mount Auburn and West Haven Cemetery at a cost of $1,500.

However, Mayor Rick Pankiw voted against the motion.

“My concern is that we’re going to buy them and they are going to die,” he said.

Pankiw explained that Rimbey is located on the edge of the growing zone that is suitable for the trees.

Council also agreed to remove the contoneaster shrubs planted at the Mount Auburn Cemetery and replant it throughout the town of Rimbey.

Rick Schmidt, director of public works will decide on areas that are suitable for replanting the shrubs.

The removal of the trees last fall changed to look of the cemetery, but the action was deemed necessary as the trees were presenting a safety hazard.

It was agreed at that time that the trees needed to be replaced. Council agreed to budget $10,000 for cemetery upgrades in its 2017 budget.

A new chain link fence was installed after a drunk driver tore out a large portion of the original fence when his pick up went out of control.

At its meeting, Oct. 24, council gave the green light to a new cemetery bylaw.

In her report to council, CAO Lori Hills stated the previous bylaw required changes to reflect the addition of the terms of reference. Previously the cemetery bylaw spoke of the cemetery board, but did not indicate specifics.

“Council is allowed y the municipal government act to have committees or boards, as long as there is a bylaw allowing them,” she said.

Under the terms of the new bylaw a representative from Oberhammers Funeral Chapels ltd. and a representative from Wilson’s Funeral Chapel and Crematorium will sit on the committee.

Councillors Jack Web and Brian Godlongton were appointed to the cemetery board at council’s annual organizational meeting.

Cemetery board meetings are to be open to the public and minutes will be submitted to town council to be accepted as information.

The mayor shall be an ex-official member of all council committees and boards.