Work on new lodge underway, sod turning to be held

Ground work for new lodge is now underway sod turning to be held Jun6 at 11 a.m.

At long last, ground work has begun and there is clear evidence that a new lodge is actually going to happen in Rimbey.

It is good to see that work is underway.

While there seems to remain a certain amount of dissention and grumbling about some of the issues surrounding the lodge, the bottom line remains the same.

Thanks to a great deal of legwork and perseverance combined with a leap of faith the lodge is going ahead as planned.

Everyone involved deserves a pat on the back for a job well done.

It is especially noteworthy that Rimbey is getting such a wonderful new facility during a time of recession when it is a sad, but true realism that job layoffs and cutbacks are happening all around us.

It is also true that the food bank is getting busier and caseloads for mental health agencies are filling up.

Government spending has been reduced. The town, itself, is struggling to do its best to go ahead with infrastructure repairs, hold the line on taxes and keep some dollars aside for future emergencies.

In the midst of all this doom and gloom, residents would do well to remind themselves that a new lodge in Rimbey is an exciting and much needed addition to our town.

The people that worked together and are still working together to make this lodge become a reality certainly deserve kudos, as well.

It takes a vision for the future, the determination and commitment to forge ahead and finally, against all odds, turn such a dream into a reality.

All levels of government including Ponoka County, Rimoka and the Town of Rimbey have demonstrated that there is strength in numbers and when representatives from these entities work together, it is amazing what can result.

The official sod breaking for the new lodge is happening on June 6 and it certainly will be a ceremony worth attending.

Having reason to celebrate is always a good thing and the sod breaking and ribbon cutting and speeches that will all be in keeping with the new lodge are definitely very good reasons.