Anglin announced plans to sit as independent MLA

A day in the world of politics can seem like an eternity.

Dear Editor,

A day in the world of politics can seem like an eternity. On Monday MLAs will return to the Alberta Legislature to listen to the new premier’s first speech from the throne. Newly elected premier, Jim Prentice, will outline his government’s agenda in an effort to convince Albertans that the PC’s are still fit to govern. He has made it clear that he will grapple with the falling price of oil, and he will introduce legislation to fix the property rights issues that most concern Alberta’s landowners. As the MLA for Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre, the property rights issue is of particular interest to me. In the 18-months leading up to my election, I had travelled to 91 rural communities and conducted 266 town hall meetings advocating for property rights.

On the other side of the Legislature, the Wildrose opposition is in full damage control after its membership defeated a definitive policy on equality rights at the Wildrose annual meeting over the weekend. I was particularly disappointed in this vote because I was instrumental in getting that policy on equal rights passed last year. Prior to this year’s meeting the Wildrose Party had the most inclusive equal rights policy in Canada. Now they have to explain and justify why the party has back-tracked.

For this and many other reasons I will be sitting for the first time as an independent MLA. I’m looking forward to this new role, and I’m confident that my new role will allow me to better advocate for the constituents of Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre. My first order of business this session will be a private member’s Bill. The Bill, if passed, will require full disclosure of all utility costs, and it will standardize and simplify utility bills to help all consumers understand just how all those extra charges on a utility bill are calculated.

With all the changes that have occurred prior to this session, it very well may produce some significant results, if not surprises. There are still many questions to be asked and answered. As an optimist, I look forward to the debates and the opportunity to make a real impact to affect positive change.

For more information please contact my office in Rocky Mountain House at (403) 844-2070.

Krista Nelson,

Constituency Assistant for Joe Anglin,

MLA for Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre