Combine drivers deserve respect when on roads

Hello, combine driver! Do you not see the line of traffic behind you

Dear Editor,

Hello, combine driver!

Do you not see the line of traffic behind you? Do you not see the aggravated drivers pulling into the other lane to see if it’s safe to pass? Do you not see them tailgating and honking at you because they are in a hurry to get somewhere?

Do you not see that they pass you in frustration even when there is on coming traffic, which puts everyone in danger?

You must have more patience then me, because if I were you, I would have swerved into the vehicles passing me and maybe knock some sense into their empty heads! Actually I know for a fact you have more patience than me because I can barely drive three hours on the highway without almost losing my mind, let alone drive in circles for 12 plus hours.

Do they not realize that you are on the highway to get to work? That you have a tighter deadline then they do? They could have left 15 minutes early today, while you, combine driver, probably didn’t get home until 1a.m. and you were probably up by 5 a.m. to get your next field finished. So thank you combine driver, for having the most patience in the world.

For putting food into the hands of people who can’t even give you the time of day to wave as they pass you in a safe manner. For feeding those who couldn’t even follow calmly and safely behind you for an extra three minutes as you pulled into your next field. Thank you for risking the life of your little one who sits in the seat beside you as they learn how to become the next generation farmer. I saw your signal light was on as you wanted to turn left into your field, I saw that you safely looked in your mirror before turning to see that there was a semi who was in too much of a hurry to notice your signal light was on.

If you hadn’t looked to see if someone was passing you before you turned, that semi would have hit you. It would have hit your little one first. It’s harvest season, people.

For only a few more weeks there’s going to be farmers driving their equipment on the roads to get to work. Give them the respect they deserve, and a little extra space on the roads so everyone can get to where they are going safely.

Sincerely, Carolyne Krans