‘Great surprise’ from forgotten contest entry

We all enter contests with thoughts of maybe winning, but usually forget what we have entered.

Dear Editor,

We all enter contests with thoughts of maybe winning, but usually forget what we have entered. I got a surprising phone call from B.C.’s Horse Journal telling me that I had won their contest “WHY I WANNA WIN” tickets to Odysseo by Cavalia in Edmonton.

This was a great surprise as I really wished to see this show after hearing so many rave reviews. In the Journal, it stated I had regular tickets but my call and other info was for two VIP tickets.

I purchased a ticket for my grandson so he could enjoy the experience along with his mom and myself. This company sure knows how to treat their guests. Very, very clean everywhere, served a great buffet before the show and an ever-so-popular desert buffet during intermission. After the show, we got an exclusive stable tour to get up and close to the equine stars. Even though we could not pet or feed them, it still was a highlight.

Driving to the location, it was quite a sight to see their large mystical white tents against the cityscape.

Odysseo is a theatrical experience of horse and man in equestrian arts along with awesome acrobatics and high-tech theatrical effects. The horses are of different breeds and colours numbering around 64.

We were treated to a real carousel that came down to the stage, making a great backdrop for the acrobatics and horses. The ending of the show was a real showstopper with 80,000 gallons of water making a lake on stage, and a horseman doing classical dressage movements across the water.

It was a great contest to win.

This is what I entered: “I have heard nothing but great praise for this show. I have never had the chance to see it. As a horse lover and breeder for most of my life, this would be a dream come true to see the horses working with what seems like no clue. I would enjoy taking my daughter whose first word was horse. I imagine the art of this show along with the breathtaking horses make it an everlasting view for horse lovers.”

Marg Martin,