Reader responds to MLA Anglin’s accusations

In reference to Mr. Anglin’s letter in the May 6, 2014 Rimbey Review.

Dear Editor,

In reference to Mr. Anglin’s letter in the May 6, 2014 Rimbey Review.

To start with, Mr. Anglin with his epistle of approximately 2,000 words has shown disrespect to the Rimbey Review and its readers by the lack of courtesy to keep his Letter to the Editor to a maximum of 500 words.

In an attempt to raise his own public profile, it appears to me that Mr. Anglin is engaging in the same unhelpful rhetoric as he is accusing others of doing.

Please note the following remarks as expressed by Mr. Anglin in his letter:  ill-informed local politicians — naïve local politicians — perverted sense of obligation — ineffectual leadership — operated incompetently and unprofessionally — need to quit bellyaching.

Also note that in October of 2012 Mr. Anglin sent an e-mail to Paul McLauchlin stating in part as follows: “On October 23, 2012 the Legislative Assembly of Alberta will convene for its fall session.  At that time I will request on the floor of the Assembly that the Minister of Municipal Affairs, the Associate Minister of Seniors, and the Minister of Health conduct a full investigation into the competency and fitness of the Rimoka Housing Foundation Board’s ability to manage and act responsibly in caring for the safety of the seniors in its care. — I will, in exercising my parliamentary privilege of immunity, question this government by naming names, events and numerous allegations, — Each day after the end of the daily session, I will issue a press release of the day’s events.”.

Mr. Anglin has not fulfilled his own promises regarding the e-mail to Paul McLauchlin.

I believe Mr. Anglin should be looking at his own record before he starts criticizing others.

Mr. Anglin also stated in the Alberta Legislature (Hansard November 6, 2012) “I don’t trust anybody”. Why should we trust this man?

Aubrey Finnen