Reader says thanks to those who go above and beyond

I just wanted to take a moment to notice all the wonderful businesses and people in Rimbey and Bluffton.

Dear Editor,

I just wanted to take a moment to notice all the wonderful businesses and people in Rimbey and Bluffton. The other day I took a bicycle to town with a flat tire and was nicely surprised when the guys at the Integra Tire Shop got a new tube and fixed it up for me. This is not their normal business line I am sure but that little extra sets them apart and makes me want to find a way to do more business with them (with vehicles that is…).

Bluffton Vet clinic saw me waiting out front for dog food and opened up just a few minutes early to let me in. I could go on and on with such examples. Seems to me the businesses in Rimbey and Bluffton certainly are customer orientated. We also have no shortage of wonderful volunteers who coach (thanks Wayne Sargent one of many coaches) and volunteer to help minor soccer.

This all in addition to those who provide extra-curricular activities for children after school such as the Art Club that ran all winter long and was a great success.

Of course, how about Mandy’s Fashion, hosting a breast cancer fundraiser is no small task. I certainly do need to mention the Hoadley Hall Board who has supported my rural fitness group for moms with children by letting us use their hall three mornings a week to exercise at a reduced rate.

I, for one, really appreciate all the hard working individuals who contribute to various fundraisers, hall boards and schools in the area volunteering their time for casinos and other events. Did you know that in some cases casino volunteers can ask for travel reimbursement or take advantage of free meals? Most do not because it takes away from the organization doing the fundraising, but it just goes to show that volunteers often give more than just their time.

Let’s all give a nod to those hard working people making a difference in our community both at work and in the community, giving without taking.

Thanks! You are noticed and appreciated.

Melinda McLauchlin,