Rimbey Fish and Game Association helps families reap the benefits of the outdoors

I have been blessed to live in some of the richest regions in North America where hunting and fishing opportunities were abundant

Ten-year-old Garrett Groves and his 11-year-old brother

By Mark Groves

I have been blessed to live in some of the richest regions in North America where hunting and fishing opportunities were abundant around every corner. If you have ventured down the roads less travelled, there was a strong possibility that you may have seen me either hunting pheasants in the Missouri Breaks in Montana, fly fishing for brown trout along Wilson Creek in Southern Alberta or stalking a majestic Dall sheep in the Ogilvie Mountains north of the Arctic Circle. Being outdoors in God’s country gives my inner soul a chance to unwind from the everyday challenges of life.

Being a father of two amazing boys has its many rewards. However, it also comes with its difficulties. In today’s world, our fast paced lifestyle presents even more challenges for parents with children – no matter what age they are. I never thought I would ever be the parent who allowed Xbox in my home. Well, so much for that theory. Now, more than ever before, it is imperative to show our kids the importance of being responsible for their actions, being honest, having integrity and being respectful. I find that when I take my kids fishing, it brings out the best in us and gives me valuable unfettered time with them. Being outdoors has so much to offer. Whether it is going on a hike near Abraham Lake or on a boating adventure at Medicine Lake, it brings us closer together. Or maybe it is the fact that there are fewer distractions, like my cell phone and the dreaded video games!

My parents instilled in me many values when I was growing up. My dad would take me hunting with him whenever he could muster up the time to get away. My grandpa would take me trout fishing west of High River in his retirement years. These valuable times together have given me fond memories of my childhood that will never fade and will always be cherished.

As a parent, I want for my kids what my family did for me so I recently became a director with the Rimbey Fish and Game Association. My beautiful bride, Amy, who also grew up camping, fishing and enjoying the outdoors, became the new secretary for the association. Together, we see the value in this non-profit organization for our community.

In January, members elected a new president, vice president and many other new directors. Like any other group, it is important to seek new ways to improve what we are doing to meet the goals we endeavor to meet. While maintaining the core values of those who served before us, but moving forward with new vision, it is wise for non-profit groups to adapt to change. So, here is my invitation to others in the community who see the value in our renewable natural resources all around us, such as our fish and wildlife and their habitat to join our association. There are many benefits to being a member. Rimbey Fish and Game Association’s members manage Open Creek Dam Campground which is open from May through October. Open Creek has camp sites for motorhomes, large or small, as well as a several tent sites. It also has group camp sites with many amenities. Most of all, it has a stocked lake with pan sized rainbow trout to catch and breathtaking views. Although the campground is open to the public, Rimbey Fish and Game Association members get a big discount on the camping fees. Most of all, it is close to town and gives us a chance to take a kid camping and fishing!

Rimbey Fish and Game Association also hosts a wide variety of outdoor activities throughout the year for young and old alike. If you would like to know more about the club, Rimbey Fish and Game Association is having a dinner banquet on Saturday, March 14th at 5:30 p.m., at the Peter Lougheed Community Centre which includes supper, awards ceremony, silent and live auctions, a dance and the chance to hear many fish tales and hunting stories. Tickets are available at Stationery, Stories and Sounds or Game On Outdoors Inc. or by calling 403-963-0376.

Please check us out at www.rimbeyfishandgame.com or find us on Facebook.