Swinging into another golf golf season

Visualize! Work hard! Dream and plan and you can make it happen!

Visualize! Work hard! Dream and plan and you can make it happen!

This is what they say, and whoever they are, it seems their word is law, especially if you believe their words to be true.

Being somewhat of a dreamer, sometimes daring to imagine great things which I have learned, much to my chagrin, more often than not don’t materialize, I view the above with more than a little bit of skepticism.

Take golf.

I have visualized the ball sailing effortlessly down the fairway, disappearing into a green that is barely visible to the naked eye. I have imagined me on the golf course, producing deadly chips and stellar putts with a simple flick of the wrist.

In my mind I have made impossible shots, out of the trees, out of the sand and out of other places where the average golfer would dare not tread.

Yes. I have worked hard. Taken lessons. Practiced lots.

And then I have dreamed that I was good; very, very good!

The end result!

I became discouraged, disillusioned and, decided to follow up on the worst-case scenario and my worst game, ever.

I gave up golf!

Last year, I went out only once with my seven- year-old granddaughter.

And to prove my point, she beat me.

But, as we all know, hope springs eternal and when golf season rolled around this year, I had this ridiculous thought.

I want to try again. Weird! I called my nephew who is the best golfer ever and whose love of the game is truly contagious. Without even trying, he makes golf fun, not only for himself, but also for whoever is lucky enough to be with him.

I decided if I was going to golf badly and hang my head in shame, I wanted to be with him, because he would still say something like, “thanks for coming, Treen, we’ll do it again soon.” He would not mention the word ‘loser’.

He said (and I quote) “I would love to golf with you” and I was immediately so excited, I forgot to finish unloading the dishwasher.

“Yes,” I shouted! “I love golfing.”

Of course, I had to find my clubs, which had long been buried in a corner of the garage, forgotten, neglected and covered with a layer of dust.

I arrived at the golf course, breathless and slightly early, surprising everyone, including me.

And it turned out there were four of us; my nephew, his son, and his dad – three generations of darn good golfers. And then, bringing up the rear, golfing from the ladies tees, running and slightly breathless and trying to keep up.

There was me!

I had some good shots and some bad shots, but, overall, it was the best game ever and it had nothing to do with the score, really.

It was the cool guys I was out with.

True, their golf shots were awesome, but that wasn’t what made them winners in my eyes.

It was the way they made me feel like a winner. Therefore, I have decided I will not be a quitter, either.

And, I will be back!