Teen finds ways to cope with mental and physical illnesses

Coping with an illness, whether it be physical or mental, can be hard and can also break you down over time.


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Coping with an illness, whether it be physical or mental, can be hard and can also break you down over time. I will discuss both of these, and also the ways I cope with both. How I keep a healthy balance by not getting too overwhelmed when times of physical and mental health might seem to be at worst. How I am able to pull myself together and keep on top of my health.

Everyone, at some point in their lives, experiences health issues. Whether it be something to do with your physical health, like the common cold, or something a bit more serious and harder to cure. Same goes with mental illness. Almost everyone is faced with an issue of some kind. It’s normal to have low points, experiencing some signs of depression, or something even as small as having lack of motivation and stress.

The more serious mental illnesses such as bipolar or schizophrenia can cause the same amount of damage as a physical illness.

It is nothing to be pushed aside.

I, only being seventeen shouldn’t be too terribly worried about physical health. Teens are mainly aware of mental health issues since many illnesses are common in teens, and so much information is given to them about the topic. But almost a year and a half ago, I was diagnosed with a heart condition. It scared me.

I was not sure what to expect or the effects that would come from this. I was in and out of hospitals, and saw many different doctors and nurses. You name it. I always wondered why? I kept an active lifestyle, I ate relatively well, so why? Finally the doctors I’ve been seeing for months, managed to get me into the Children’s Hospital in Edmonton. When I arrived there a heart specialist was able to fill me in on what my illness was all about. It brought comfort hearing him say “It’s not serious”.

Then he added, “But it can be, so keep good care, make some changes, and eliminate any stress you might be experiencing.”

Something I have also been victim of is stress and minor mental illness. Knowing many people when I was young and also people I know now with mental illness or even just being mentally unstable, rubbed off on me. I got sad sometimes and because of things taking place in my life I felt small. I thought I couldn’t fix anything by myself for a while.

I came up with a list of guidelines when I feel as though my health is low or if I need time to escape from my sometimes crazy life. I use these to cope. I enjoy walking and running It keeps me both fit and clears my head of some negative thoughts. Writing and reading is a big one, so is listening to music. Sometimes it’s just the little things that matter most, and can give you that much needed boost of confidence or motivation.

Finding time for yourself is nice no matter what it is it gives you time to reflect on the situation at hand, and look forward to a better future.

Illness isn’t easy to overcome it can drag on showing no remorse for some time.

When you figure out ways to better yourself and give yourself a positive mind set, even if you have an overwhelming reality of being sick, or having an ill loved one is a big game changer.

Everyone is capable of putting up a fight against illnesses of all kinds, you just need to try.

If the illness shows you no remorse then show it you are not giving up.

Keep striving toward a healthy, happy life. It’s amazing the difference a quick walk or a song or two can make.

It starts with you. Grab hold of your life. Find your own ways to cope.

Take charge and make change happen.