Wildrose MLAs sign pledge to protect Alberta taxpayers from new tax

On Feb. 2, Wildrose MLAs signed a pledge to protect Alberta’s taxpayers from any new tax,

By Jason Nixon

Wildrose Candidate for MLA for Rimbey, Rocky Mountain House, Sundre

On Feb. 2, Wildrose MLAs signed a pledge to protect Alberta’s taxpayers from any new tax, or increase to existing taxes put forward by the government before or after the next election.

As your Wildrose candidate, I applaud my colleagues on this effort, and look forward to signing the very same pledge.

This announcement marks a commitment that Wildrose will not only oppose any new taxes put forward, but also propose to put the tools in place that are needed to spur economic growth, protect jobs and create prosperity.

I agree with our leader Heather Forsyth when she says that the worst thing you can do in a time of economic uncertainty is to raise taxes, and ask Albertans to pay more out-of-pocket for a government that already spends too much, wastes too much, and consistently fails to live within its means.

It’s not that we don’t recognize that difficult decisions need to be made. We in the Wildrose just don’t believe that increasing or creating new taxes should be one of them, especially when Alberta already spends the most per-capita among the major Canadian provinces. We need to get this waste and spending under control before we even consider again tapping into the pocketbooks of hardworking Albertans.

So far we have heard the Premier and the government talk about raising income taxes, sugar taxes, sin taxes, gas taxes — even a Provincial Sales Tax! Now, there is no doubt that this sort of damaging talk is hurting investment — but you can count on me, and the rest of our Wildrose team to fight to protect our economy, and keep taxes low.

Wildrose believes Alberta can do better. To demonstrate this, in the coming weeks my elected colleagues, candidates and other members will make several announcements committed to ‘Protecting Alberta Taxpayers.’ We’ll do our part to demonstrate that with the right leadership we can put Albertans first, keep taxes low, grow the economy and hold this government to account for its misguided spending priorities.

In the coming weeks, Wildrose will release our own 2015 budget recommendations that will demonstrate how we can balance the budget, and at the same time protect our services, front line workers, and those most vulnerable. Please stay tuned for this.

I would also love to hear back from you on your thoughts regarding this announcement, or any other issue. Feel free to get in touch. My website is www.jasonjnixon.ca, my phone number is (403) 755-6270 and my email is jason.nixon@wildrose.ca.