Bentley curling club names league winners

There was good attendance at the Bentley Curling Club's Spring General Meeting with almost 30 attending.

New club director Bruce Millar

There was good attendance at the Bentley Curling Club’s Spring General Meeting with almost 30 attending.

League winners were declared. The team winning the seniors’ league was skip Merlyn Wilson, third Gail Wilson, second Jack Siebenga, and lead George Weenink.

The men’s’ league winning team was skip Kyle Brink, third Harvey Brink, second Mike Poffenroth, and lead Bob Lawson.

Winning the Wednesday mixed league was skip Gord Mydland, third Dwight Homan, second Beth Homan, and lead Gail Wilson.

Thursday’s mixed league was won by skip Walter Lloyd, third Marilyn Lloyd, second Pierre Van Velzen, and lead Corrie Van Velzen.

The $1,000 Sears travel voucher raffle draw winner Martin Wilson says he may use the money to pay for transportation to the coast for a holiday.

The club has volunteered to help run the barbecue at the Bentley Canada Day celebration.

Sylvan Lake curlers are being invited to join Bentley in light of the closure of the Sylvan rink for next season.

Highlights of club president Kyle Brink’s report included:

  • the club worked a casino in March
  • membership is down slightly
  • report on bonspiels
  • completed and projected projects

A new format for deciding the price of membership fees will be introduced in the fall. There will be a base club membership fee of $130. Junior curlers still pay only $50. Even with the resulting increase in fees, the club says fees remain lower than many other clubs.

Most of the bonspiel dates for next season were set at the meeting.

Lockers with club locks will be available.

Many ideas for upgrades from extra lighting over the ice to new ice making equipment to lounge upgrades including new lighting and flooring, to be paid for with the help of grant money, were put forward.

To help keep wages costs down a couple of options are being considered. The possibility of a member-run bar and different class liquor license, with a paid lounge attendant for bonspiels only, was discussed.

The hiring of a part-time icemaker, with volunteers maintaining the ice during regular curling, was put forward.

A good number of volunteers showed up at a work bee on April 15. Gary Muzylouski, Ray Walker, Ted Lewis, Bruce Millar, Martin Wilson, Klaas Brink, Kyle Brink, Norm Rieu, and Harvey Brink had the artificial ice sheets rolled up and put away in about one hour in preparation for the summer season of Farmer’s Markets in the Bentley curling rink. The playing area had been dried out earlier.

Volunteers Bonnie Muzylouski, Krista Turner, and Dawn Reid were cleaning up the lounge area.

Two new directors were added to the executive which consists of president Kyle Brink, vice president Krista Turner, secretary Bonnie Muzylouski, treasurer Jenna French, and directors Gerald Peterson, Art Dykstra, Ralph Scarlett and new directors Dawn Reid and Bruce Millar.