Mike Porte from Saskatchwan and Rimbey curlers Brent Ladieu

East coast curler drops in to visit Rimbey’s club

Members of Rimbey curling club welcomed an unusual visitor last week.

Members of Rimbey curling club welcomed an unusual visitor last week.

Rob Swan from Harvey Station, New Brunswick dropped in to play a game with the local curlers, not an unusual feat in itself,but the fact that Swan has made it a goal to curl one game in every curling club across Canada, does give the visit a bit of a twist.

Now in his second year, Swan said it will take him about eight more years to complete his goal, but he is determined to make it happen.

He visited about 103 clubs last year and is up to 53 so far this year.

He said he is hoping to bring more awareness to the sport of curling and also to raise funds for renovations to his own curling club in New Brunswick. He does not ask for donations, but raises money through the sales of a Daily Ritual Clothing line of T-shirts and other items through Asham, who is sponsoring him.

“I am willing to curl with anybody,” he said. “I have curled with juniors and seniors and even curled with a vision impaired curler.”

Swan said his job as a service electrician in remote camps in Alberta and British Columbia requires him to work three weeks in the camp and then to have two weeks off so he is able to take the time to indulge in his goal of curling across the nation.

He is single and admits to being “married to the game.”

He pays for his travel expenses out of his own pocket.

He enjoyed his time in Rimbey.

Rimbey is very lucky. The club has huge local support.”

Swan will head to Europe in the fall where he plans to curl 10 games in 10 days across seven countries.