Gull Lake Golf Course Pro-Am tournament coming up soon

This year’s annual Junior Golf Foundation of Gull Lake Pro-Am tournament to be held at the Gull Lake Golf Course marks the 10th anniversary

This year’s annual Junior Golf Foundation of Gull Lake Pro-Am tournament to be held at the Gull Lake Golf Course July 17 and 18 marks the 10th anniversary of the popular event.

“This year we want it to have a kind of carnival like atmosphere,” said Eamon McCann, who owns the golf course with his wife Carla. “We are gearing it up for the children even more than ever before.”

The silent auction opens on July 14 and a live auction begins at 6:30 p.m. Friday, July 17.

On Friday, July 17 the adult/child nine hole scramble will take place, and to add fun and excitement to the game, there will be a professional golfer on every hole.

On Saturday, July 18, the 18-hole Texas scramble will be held with a different professional golf- er for each nine holes. The day also includes breakfast with the pros and a wind- up dinner as well as a pro skins game.

As in the past, the tourney will feature an impressive line-up of professional golfers.

Sandra Palmer, Sam Randolf, Adrienne White, Laura Witvoet, Stuart Hendley, Brandon Regnier, Dirk Ayers, Paul Devenport, Shelby Chrest, Kris Tschetter, Perry Parker and Dave McMillan are all scheduled to take part.

In an earlier interview, Laura Witvoet, head pro at Wolf Creek Golf Resort (Ponoka) said she enjoyed coming to the tourney and giving the youngsters some tips about golfing.

“It’s rewarding to see how much they appreciate the opportunity to see professional and teaching pros.”

She also enjoys hooking up with other pros that she has met over the years.

“That is really fun.”

Brandon Regnier, who is the head pro at Whitecourt and is a former junior program participant at the Gull Lake Golf Course has attended the Pro-Am tourney several times.

“It’s always amazing,” he said, in an earlier interview.

The Gull Lake Foundation was formed to provide educational endowments to past participants of the Gull Lake Junior League.

The Junior Golf Foundation of Gull Lake is planning to raise around $15,000 this year from fundraising events. Money raised goes to the Gull lake Junior Golf Foundation Endowment Fund.

Through overwhelming sponsorship from communities throughout Alberta and past program events, scholarships have been provided to many junior members.

The focus of junior league has always been to learn the etiquette of golf and good sportsmanship and to encourage the juniors to enjoy the game of golf for the rest of their life.

The foundation was spearheaded by Harold Lissel.