Kudos to mini stockcar volunteers who encourage and support youth

Thanks to Rick and Don Wark a few more youth will be heading down to Central Alberta Raceways this summer.

  • Thu Apr 23rd, 2015 8:00pm
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Where are the youth hanging out this summer?

Thanks to Rick and Don Wark a few more youth will be heading down to Central Alberta Raceways this summer to try out some dirt oval racing.

Rick and Don have helped put a few youth behind the wheel of a mini stockcar over the past few years, our son being one of them.

This year we have more than half a dozen youth registered to race so far and they start at 13-years-old.

One of the dads, Darren Berdahl, has decided to sponsor the class, so they will be known as the Rimbey Hellbound Mini Stocks.

It isn’t free to do this kind of sport, but it affordable, although the kids will have to do odd jobs to help pay for the part of the cost.

It isn’t for everyone, but I can tell you, I felt pretty happy when my son walked up to me after his first afternoon of racing with a smile that made me realize it something he would develop a passion for.

Cost for racing for that day was cheaper than going to the Go Karts for an afternoon.

We were given the opportunity by Rick and Don and we appreciate it so much we are volunteeringto help them get more kids involved.

A couple of Fridays ago when there was no school, instead of sitting down in front of a tele- vision or computer the youth all got together and proceeded to help their fellow racers get everything taken off of one of the racer’s car as it has to be only the shell and wiring left.

Some of these youth hadn’t even sat in their own car yet, but they worked together to help someone else.

Roll cage, safety seat and a few other critical safety features were necessary. They had some adult supervision but for the most part these youth stripped the car down in about three hours.

These youth aren’t just put into a car. They will have a training day or two to get comfortable with being behind the wheel before their first race day.

Learning what the different coloured flags mean, getting the feel of their car, relaxing and learning to breathe while being in the middle of the rest of the racers will be part of the training.

There are a few that have already been racing so they will help the new guys with their prerace jitters.


Check out our facebook page under Rimbey Mini Stock to watch the progress these youth are making on their cars as well as their racing stats throughout the season, or better yet come down and watch their progress at the track.

The race schedule is on the Kinsmen Community Calendar and the town calendar as well as the website www.caraceways.ca