Ag industry leader chosen for farm board

Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz has appointed Brenda Schoepp to a three-year term

Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz has appointed Brenda Schoepp to a three-year term to Farm Credit Canada’s (FCC) board of directors.

“I’m very pleased to announce the appointment of Schoepp to FCC’s Board,” said Ritz. “Ms. Schoepp is a successful business owner with a strong commitment to youth and entrepreneurship in agriculture. Her knowledge and passion will certainly complement the important work FCC’s Board is doing for the sector.”

Schoepp resides near Rimbey where she is a partner in a cow/calf and rescue horse operation. With 34 years in agriculture production and agri-business, and more than 20 years of experience as a published author and consultant, Schoepp is recognized as a leader in agriculture.

“It’s always an honour to be chosen amongst all the talented people there are in Canada that could be on the board,” said Schoepp.

“What really excites me about the FCC appointment is the dynamics of the board and the positive attitude of the other board members.”

Schoepp was approached last year to let her name stand for the position, and while she’s careful about her board appointments, she was excited for this opportunity.

She feels FCC has a pulse at the heart of the industry and is sincerely working to make it stronger.

Some of Schoepp’s recent accomplishments include developing the leadership series YouLead! for youth and new entrants into agriculture. She is also the founder of Women in Search of Excellence (WISE) and is currently developing a mentorship model for women in agriculture.

Schoepp is a published author and professional speaker, engaging audiences on all aspects of agriculture and rural life. She owns and publishes BEEF-LINK, a weekly national newsletter on the strategies of beef and beef cattle marketing and her column “Straight from the Hip” is featured in national and provincial newspapers and magazines. A professional speaker, she travels extensively in Canada to spread her knowledge of and passion for agriculture.

In 2006, Schoepp was named by Alberta Venture magazine as one of Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People.

Under the board’s leadership, FCC has proven its commitment to serving Canada’s innovative agriculture sector for the long term. FCC has launched the Young Farmer Loan program to help young people who are looking to start a career in agriculture. FCC has also been instrumental in driving the multi-year initiative “Agriculture More Than Ever,” which is aimed at improving perceptions of agriculture in Canada.

As Canada’s leading agricultural lender, FCC is advancing the business of agriculture. With a healthy portfolio of more than $24 billion and 19 consecutive years of portfolio growth, FCC is strong and stable — committed to serving the industry through all business cycles. FCC provides financing, insurance, software, learning programs, and other business services to producers, agribusinesses, and agri-food operations.

Headquartered in Regina, Sask., FCC is a Crown corporation that reports to Parliament through the minister of agriculture and agri-food.