Alder Flats CARA rodeo attracts lots of competitors

The Alder Flats CARA rodeo held May 25 and 26 was a fun-filled event with lots of thrills and spills and great rodeo action.

The Alder Flats CARA rodeo held May 25 and 26 was a fun-filled event with lots of thrills and spills and great rodeo action.

The rodeo attracted cowboys and cowgirls from throughout Alberta, and the bleachers were almost full of cheering fans, who watched the events with interest.

In the wild pony race the Brandon Leeder team won first and the Cole Begg team placed second.

In the 10 and under calf scramble, Reese Millar took first.

Brook Pomeranz and Austin Crawford won the 14 and under calf scramble and James Conners and JW Hart took second.

In the ladies’ bloomer calf race the Michelle Lawton team took first, the Pam Didier team won second and the Sherry Conners team took third place. The Amy Thompson team won fourth place.

The top 3 contenders in the 12 and under steer riding were Travis Cavener with 67 points, JW Hart with 66, and Rylee Storey with 65.

The top three contenders in the 13-to 15-year-old steer riding were Logan Elder, 72 points, Brendan Dick, 69, and Jerome Bigchild, 68.

The bullriding prize went to Dustin Glenn as there were no other qualified rides.

In the men’s cow riding, Mario Bigchild won first with 68 points, Brad Smith took second with 66 and Brandon Bigchild won third with 58.

In the junior breakaway 12 and under, Jason Smith won with a 4.824.

The junior breakaway (13- to 15-year-old age group) was won by Trey Purdie with 2.046, Shane Smith with 2.148, Grady Thomson with 2.827 and Lucas Brown with 7.428.

The best tie down roping scores were Chad Robinson with 11.770, Josh Carruthers, with 14.485, and Bill Melaney with 15.161.

The team roping was won by Darryl and Darren Page with a score of 7.39. Daniel Kaiser and Curtis Cocke scored 11.92, and Tyler Johnson and Curtis Cocke had a score of 12.10.

The bareback competition was won by Garrett Dunn with a 74.

In the 12 and under barrel racing, Kyla Kelly won first with an 18.372, Caiden Dei was second with a score of 18.614, third place went to Sarah Thompson with a score of 20.347, Aimee Thompson was fourth with a score of 23.952 and Alexi Buffalo won fifth with a score of 24.438.

In the 13 to 15 barrel racing Brittany Dommasch topped the list with a score of 16.714, Blayde Melaney with a score of 16.818 was second, Hanna Burell with a score of17.388 was third. Fourth place went to Camille Ahlstrom with a score of 17.725, Nicki Ross with a score of 17.880 won fifth and Becca Kennedy took sixth with a score of 18.220.

Madison Hickey won the peewee barrel racing with a score of 22.294, Makayla Willows took second with a score of 22.439, Riley Feser won third with a score of 26.465, Savana Hart won fourth with a score of 29.525, Natalia Cross won fifth with a score of 46.814 and Walker Block won sixth with a score of 53.904.

The ladies’ open barrel racing was won by Sheryl Melaney with a score of 16.576, Cassie Robinson took second with a 16.887, Cora Lynn Loewen took third with 16.898, Sharlee Anderson won fourth with a 16.929, Erin Gilbert took fifth with a score of 16.980 and Tammy Blake took sixth with a 17.004.

The mighty mite goat tail tying was won by Kendayl Sieben with a score of 18.03, Cassidy Leeder won second with a score of 20.31 and Taye Cross won third with a score of 20.47.

The Michelle Lawton team won the wild cow milking, and the Jason and Brand Smith team came in second.

In the cow hide race, Michelle Lawton and Myron Vick won first with a score of 22.69, Cynda Didier and Dawn Didier won second with a 23.47 and Pam Didier and Tanner Chappell took third with a 28.12.

Standings in the trot and run horse race were, first, Pam Didier, second, Kelsey Biever, third, Rylee Mallo and fourth, Michelle Lawton.

In the three-eighths of a mile horse race, Michelle Lawton took first, Brittany Dommasch, took second, Shiana Birrell took third, and Rylee Mallo won fourth.

The pony express relay horse race was won by Michelle Lawton with a score of 105.57, second went to Cynda Didier and Pam Didier with a score of 108.50. Brittany Dommasch and Lacey Sheridan won third with a score of 112.47 and Amber Beeby and Karlee Hehr won fourth with a score of 118.50. Kathleen Fairbrother and Meagan Gomolchuk won fifth with a score of 119.63.