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Crestomere 4-H Club has busy December

December was a busy month for the Crestomere 4-H Multi Club.

By Aiden McTaggart

December was a busy month for the Crestomere 4-H Multi Club.

On December 6, the club held its regular meeting followed by a session on how to speak in a public speaking event.

Two past 4-H members came to help us, Damian Stamm and Morena Stamm. The biggest tip I got was to look up at the audience, not at our papers. We have been brain storming our speeches and so far it is going good. As always we are looking for judges, let me know if you are interested.

We had a 4-H Christmas party at Crestomere School on December 20. We had a fire in a fire pit, tobogganed and had a great time skating in the Crestomere rink. It was a warm and sunny day; we had hotdogs, hot chocolate, and lots of Christmas goodies. After we were done, we all went inside the school to do a couple crafts and had a Chinese gift exchange.

It was a really fun day for all of the 4-H Multi Club members.

The sheep group went to a farm with lots of sheep on December 23. It was the farm of Nathaniel Paulson. He lambs out 1,500 ewes every year, many with twins and a few triplets.  He has converted a pig barn into a sheep finishing area and it was very clean.

We went during shearing time and got to watch them shear. We timed them and it took an average of one minute and 30 seconds for them to finish a sheep; very fast! Mr. Paulson’s farm was well run and clean and we learned a lot there. Thank you for letting us come to your sheep farm, Mr. Paulson.

January will bring a regular project day and public speaking.