Brennan Taylor

To and fro: A year of grains in review

The 2012/13 marketing year was the first of its kind in Canada where producers in the Prairies were able to freely market their own grain.

Heavy yields reported across Canadian Prairies

The grain market continues to be afflicted by downward harvest selling pressure as great yields are reported almost everywhere across ...

Commodities sector gets sugar rush, stays completely in green

The boys and girls over at the U.S. Federal Reserve decided to keep the current “quantitative easing” bond-buying program, contrasting

Manage risk and be prepared for future

Grains started September higher as Labour Day weekend rains that were initially forecasted were not realized in the U.S. Midwest.

Hot weather speeds up crop development

The grains complex jumpstarted the week in the green as hot, dry forecasts for the last week of August dominated headlines.

Frost in forecast sees grain prices inching higher

Hotter temperatures, less rain estimated in weather reports, and the increasing use of the word “frost” in forecasts all have grain prices

Grains market at lowest levels in recent years

The grains market, in the last few days of July were at the lowest levels it had seen in more than a year as large expected production

Producers raising good crops, making less money

With prices dropping over the past three months like a new-born baby giraffe out of the womb, governments/international buyers

Politics affect international crops futures

As we celebrated the nation’s 146th birthday, positive weather continued to shine down on the Prairies and most of the US Midwest.

Interesting weather phenomenon in the Canadian prairies

If you turned on the news, Twitter, or Facebook in the last week, you were sure to have seen some interesting weather phenomenon

World’s food challenges increase, humanity must enlarge toolbox

As Farm Crops continue to emerge and develop across the Prairies as we get into mid-June, a significant month for growth in the fields.

Provincial crop reports positive

While Plant 2013 has caught up to the historical average pace in Western Canada, wet weather continues to push fieldwork farther

Warmer weather allows farmers to get into fields

Looks like we’ve completely skipped spring this year with temperatures this week around the Canadian Prairies shooting up

Patience may be trump card needed for good yield

Clearly the weather trade is on as wet, snowy weather last week and this week is on the minds of not only investors but also producers.

Future bleak for Canada and Canadians

Canadians have backed themselves into a corner, thanks to low interest rates.