Gwynne Dyer

Why we should re-elect Steven Harper

It has been said that once you reach 80 years old you can get away with saying anything you like

Nelson Mandela: Peace at Last

The Catholic Church consecrates saints with less pomp and sentimentality than was lavished on Nelson Mandela

Syria’s Chemical Weapons: Everybody Wins (Except the Syrians)

“That prize should have been given to me,” joked Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad

Assad survives, dodges US attack

It was already looking likely President Bashar al-Assad’s regime would survive — it has had the upper hand militarily ...

Syria: An Unexpected Rabbit

When someone pulls a rabbit out of a hat, it’s natural to be suspicious.

The world’s most important hamburger

The most important hamburger in the history of the world was cooked in London recently.

Is Syrian dilemma unwinnable?

A dilemma is by its very nature a choice between evils, and that is what now faces other countries over the use of poison gas in Syria.

Egypt: It’s worse than a crime

Two massacres committed by the Egyptian army in one week.

Detroit is broke but it can rise again

As it happens, I was in Detroit this month. It’s broken, and it’s broke, and now it’s officially bankrupt too.

A frog in the pot

If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, so they say, it will hop right out again.

End of the Arab Spring?

If the opposition leaders in Egypt had any strategic vision, they would not have launched the mass protests that caused the army

Iran: The new broom?

You certainly can’t say that Iranian elections are boring.

Mandela made magic work in South Africa

As I write this, Nelson Mandela is still with us. But this is his fourth hospitalization in six months,

Working for a peaceful world

Imagine for a moment all the wars of the world have come to a peaceful conclusion.

American anti-terrorism policy drones on

John Bellinger is the last person in Washington you’d expect to criticize President Barack Obama for making too many drone strikes.

A rather small weapon of mass destruction

George W. Bush wasn’t lying about Iraq after all, and those of us who said he was owe him an apology.

Battle for Burma at crossroads

Last month, as the anti-Muslim violence in Burma spread from Rakhine state in western Burma to the central Burmese city of Meiktila

Thatcher’s influence on west starts to weaken

Margaret Thatcher began the shift to the right that has affected almost all the countries of the west in the past three decades.

Is United States headed to war in Korea?

The US-South Korean military exercises will continue until the end of this month

Could bank-runs collapse euro?

Could a failed bank robbery in Cyprus cause the collapse of the euro?