MLA Joe Anglin

MLA Joe Anglin responds to provincial budget

On Thursday, March 26 the provincial government introduced its budget, proposing one of the largest tax hikes in Alberta’s history.

Spring session wraps up with more PC leadership woes

Last week wrapped up the end of the spring sitting in the Alberta Legislature – which lasted an underwhelming seven weeks.

Less politics, more action needed on child care deaths

Recently, media reports exposed a disturbing and heartbreaking story. Documents show, since 1999, the Alberta government failed to report

Nursing home policy unfair

Recently, as members of the Wildrose caucus, we questioned the government on the AHS divorce-by-nursing-home policy.

Electricity consumers can expect price hike

After mysteriously holding the report under wraps for nearly six months, the Alberta government finally released

Public deserves power answers

On July 9 six major electricity generators in Alberta unexpectedly shut off at roughly the same time