Attack of the Lake People dinner theatre draws good crowd

Liberty Hall was packed to the rafters Saturday night with an enthusiastic crowd who showed up for the 21st annual dinner theatre.

Liberty Hall was packed to the rafters Saturday night with an enthusiastic crowd who showed up for the 21st annual dinner theatre, and, as in the past, the crowd was not disappointed.

The two-act play, Attack of the Lake People, performed by Springdale Players Theatre Society, was a light, enjoyable murder mystery that kept the audience on the edge of their seats or else practically rolling in the aisles in laughter.

It was funny, and at times, almost believable as the family-get-together had a few credible scenes which could, in reality,happen in almost any family somewhere, somehow.

The characters all played their parts well, and all members of the cast, seemed perfect for the roles in which they were cast.

Roger Giesbrecht, who played Brother Clifford, a preacher and a handyman, had the audience on pins and needles as he did his part to help uncover the mystery of ‘who done it.’

Peri, played by Carol Kreutz was the long suffering wife of Graham, played by Christian Lohmann. The performers antics onstage kept the audience in stitches as Peri slowly and carefully introduced her dear husband, Graham to her dysfunctional family.

Beulah, Peri’s mother played by Elaine Hawkins was the true monarch of the family, and simply wanted everyone to get together and enjoy a good meal and try and get along. Her brother Clarence, played by Ernie Closs, kept trying to keep his rebel son, Stutz played by Josh Gundlach, in line.

Don Leighton, who played the grouchy old major, actually meets his demise in the play, or at least what is thought to be his demise. It is later discovered he has simply ‘gone fishin’.

Cal Kitchen helps round out the family with his role of Dennis, a glad-handing insurance salesman and as husband toTeddy, Clarence’s daughter and Sutz’ sister. Teddy loves playing with stuffs animals and practically loses her mind when the grouchy old major accidentally shoots her favourite Teddy Bear.

Journey Giesbrecht, plays Dr. Mimi, the local physician, veterinarian, grocery store owner and scout troop leader. Her youthful presence helps add to the charm of this little old fashioned almost true to life murder mystery that keeps everyone guessing.

The play is directed by Trish Matthews, Connie Jensen is stage manager, Ryland Kitchen is the props manager. Daniel Matthews and Megan Matthews looked after sound and lights and the stage crew is comprised of Merv and Karen Steeves,George Spencer, Laverne Steeves and Justin Steeves.

The Liberty Hall Board is responsible for working, building, cleaning, setting up and managing the event, the Springdale Ladies Club cooked and served the meal and did the clean up.

Tickets for the Feb. 26 Attack of the Lake people are available at Stationery, Stories and Sounds.